Friday, February 21, 2020

The Relation Between Faith And Reason In St. Augustine's Confessions Essay

The Relation Between Faith And Reason In St. Augustine's Confessions - Essay Example God allows the famines to kill thousands of hungry people in some parts of the world. God allowed the killing of innocent civilians during the September 2001 Osama Bin Laden attack on New York and the Pentagon. God allowed the Muslim Extremists to capture jet planes as battering rams during the fateful ground zero disaster. God also allowed the assassination of John F. Kennedy. God allowed the Watergate scandal. God has a reason for allowing the surprise Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. God allowed the hurricane Katrina to wreak havoc on Florida’s coastlines. God has a reason for inflicting death and sorrow among the innocent civilians. Faith shows that people should never doubt God’s reason for inflicting such disasters. Likewise, the verse â€Å"What I then did was worthy reproof; but since I could not understand reproof, custom and reason forbade me to be reproved.†2 The verse clearly indicates that Saint Augustine had faith reproof or rebuke is a reasonable a lternative for violations of moral law, ethical standards, and other societal rules and regulations. Society implements the regulations to create harmony in society. Policies are have been proposed, scrutinized, studied, and approved to preserve the peace and harmony of the state. Policies and regulations contain corresponding penalties to deter or eliminate the actualization and continuation of crimes against the residents. For example, a worker caught sleeping during duty time is initially reprimanded. Another employee is terminated for stealing company property. The courts will jail a speeding car owner for running over an ailing 70-year-old pedestrian crossing the street. The company is closed down for engaging in the selling of heroine within school premises. The court penalized Dr. Murray with a 40-year sentence of intentionally injecting a deadly sleeping medicine on world-famous Michael Jackson. Saint Augustine reminds us that people must have faith in the reasons for implem enting punishment for violating rules, regulations, policies, and other legal documents. Another verse states, â€Å"Human friendship also is endeared with a sweet tie, by reason of the unity formed of many souls.3 Saint Augustine dictates the people must have faith in the reasons for unity. People live to have someone to hear to their boring stories. One of the reasons for loving another person is to receive love in return. The people are stronger if they bind together. It is not customary for a person to live a hermit life all alone in the mountains of California. It is customary for people to marry and have a family. It is customary for the parents to bring up their child in the best possible way. Saint Augustine expresses the importance of having faith in a person’s reasons for preferring do whatever it takes uniting the people. In terms of faith, the faith verse â€Å"Thou alone art God exalted over all... †4. Whoso enters into Thee, enters into the joy of his Lo rd: and shall not fear, and shall do excellently in the All-Excellent. I wandered, O my God too much astray from Thee my stay, in these days of my youth....†5 The verse shows that people must praise and worship God at all times. Saint Augustine insists that all human beings must spend some portion of their times praying for God’s blessings, help, and protection from the elements and evil persons. Saint Augustine insists that people should have faith in God’