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James Joyces Araby - Lack of Insight in Araby :: Joyce Dubliners Araby Essays

Araby Lack of Insight Readers of Araby often focus on the final scene as the key to the story. They assume the boy experiences some fleshy insight about himself when he gazes up into the darkness. I believe, however, that the boy sees zero agitate and learns nothing--either about himself or others. Hes not self- reflective hes merely self-absorbed. The evidence livelihood this interpretation is the imagery of filmdomness and the humourous point of view of the narrator. in that respect post seem to be a profound insight at the end of the story only if we empathize with the boy and adopt his point of view. In other words, we must assume that the young boy is narrating his aver story. But if the real narrator is the grown man looking plunk for at his early adolescence, then it becomes possible to read the narrative as ironic and to see the boy as confused and blind. The story opens and closes with images of blindness. The street is blind with an uninhabited house at the bl ind end. As he spies on Mangans sister, from his own house, the boy intentionally limits what he is able to see by lowering the blind until it is only an inch from the window sash. At the funfair in the closing scene, the light was out, and the upper part of the hall was altogether dark. The boy is left gazing up into the darkness, seeing nothing but an inward torment that burns his eyes. This pattern of imagery includes images of reading, and reading stands for the boys inability to envision what is before his eyes. When he tries to read at night, for example, the girls image comes between him and the page, in effect blinding him. In fact, he seems blind to everything however this image of the brown-clad figure cast by his imagination. The girls brown-clad figure is also associated with the houses on blind North Richmond Street, with their brown imperturbable awaits. The houses stare gumption at the boy, unaffected by his presence and gaze. The most important face he tries a nd fails to read belongs to Mangans sister. His description of her and interpretation of the few words she says to him can be seen as further evidence of his blindness. He sees only what he wants to see, the image he has in his minds eye.

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Political Forces in the Glass Ceiling

Despite all of the governmental forces on the side of women who attempt to break through the churl in ceiling, special(a) progress has been made. Numerous studies lament the virtual absence of women in the elite tier of corporate positions chief executive officer, chairman, president, and executive vice president. unjust employment practices strengthen the glass ceiling and hinder the advancement of women in the workplace. These practices include cozy harassment, intimate contrast, and pregnancy discrimination. Although activists fox succeeded in getting stronger laws passed, such as the Civil Rights mo of 1991, true progress eliminating the glass ceiling must be found on private domain initiatives.The Civil Rights puzzle out of 1991 gives women considerable more lick in their defending team against discrimination than did the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination against women who successfully filed suit against their emp loyers for raw practices. The Act also states that these women hind end plainly receive back pay and reinstatement in their old jobs. However, the 1991 Civil Rights Act, integrated previous laws while also easing the burden on employees suing to grow job discrimination.Within the new law, a successful litigant can collect monetary damages, as well as, request a control panel trial, sue in conjunction with others who have received similar unfair treatment in the workplace, and request the courts to judge the case ascendentd on the reasonable woman standard as opposed to the reasonable man. The 1991 Act also places the burden of proof on the employer, rather than the employee. Indeed, the Civil Rights Act of 1991 and other recent court endings have given women new clout in the workplace (Morris 61).An cause of this clout is the intense publicity environ the Anita Hill v. Clargonnce Thomas hearing. Hill, a black law professor at the University of Oklahoma, electrified the nat ion when she charged that Cl bence Thomas, then a Supreme Court nominee, had sexually harassed her when she worked for him in the early 1980s. Hill testified before the all- male Senate Judiciary mission about her discomfort when Thomas insisted on describing pornographic movies and made sexual advances.An all-white and all-male Senate sought to discredit Hill, some of who accused her of lying or beingness delusional, hardly her testimony elicited nationwide support. The Senate con faithfuled Thomas natural processs were inappropriate, scarcely Hills testimony was almost entirely disregarded. The hearing anger women, especially those who had suffered similar experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace, and it also authorize many others to come forward with similar allegations. The furor that ensued was just the force out need to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1991 (Stith 187).In recent litigation, women have begun testing the extent of their employment rights beyond the rights guaranteed to them in the Civil Rights Acts. An example of this is a group of eight women employees of the Stroh Brewery Company in Detroit. These women charged that their employer had created a working environment that was hostile to women.As part of their allegation, they pointed to sexually disgusting commercials that Strohs aired featuring the Swedish bikini team, scantily clad early women with large breasts. The Stroh plaintiffs contended that the ads were proof that the company sanctions sexism. The company has defended its ads as simple amusement protected by the First Amendments guarantee of free talking to (Vilanch 7). The plaintiffs in the Stroh case won their lawsuit and created a landmark decision for challenges of this type, particularly due to the position the courts must now decide based on the reasonable woman.Although the presence of strong laws is powerful ammunition to compete to eliminate discrimination in the workplace, litigation is not the most in effect(p) solution to the problem. Women who experience workplace discrimination argon often indisposed(p) to file official complaints for a variety of reasons including feelings of inadequacy, fear of reprisal, and fear of being labeled troublemakers. Some women also fear retaliation from their employers as well.In regard to the latter, other women simply do not have the currency to carry out a lawsuit that may take historic period to settle or reach court. In sexual harassment lawsuits, the aspect of going to trial is enough to scare off many women, particularly once they realize how vulnerable their credibility is in legal matters concerning sexual activity. Many labor experts believe women are held back from jobs because of subtle sexual harassment. Only the concerted efforts of enlightened companies, not litigation, can eradicate this hammer of injustice (Morrison 15).One enlightened company, Du Pont, has made efforts to help women managers overcome the glass ceiling. Du Pont has established a stave position to focus on advancing the careers of promising women and minorities. If a division is looking for the manager of affirmative action and upward mobility then Du Pont is the example to follow (Gallagher 88). Such a staff position is needed to provide support, counseling, and advocacy for women who find their career advancement has stalled due to subtle discrimination.Despite the efforts of some companies, gender diversity is unagitated sorely lacking in Corporate America. A recent watch revealed that of Americas 500 largest companies, women held unless 10 per centum of the draw executive positions. For all the bravado of the past decade, women in most organizations are not much further along. The glass ceiling has not bust (Himelstein 64).Although some companies are diversifying their executive workforces, most companies prefer to initiate these diversity efforts on their own, rather than being forced into it by legislative quotas or af firmative action. For example, Coopers and Lybrand, whose all-male corporate management committee was confronted by its female employees defy socio-economic class, regarding the absence of women in management, preferred to resolve the situation themselves. At issue, was the fact that women only accounted for 8 percent of the firms 1,300 partners and only 3 percent of the firms 70 regional managers.The confrontation which occurred during a management clashing where it was revealed that gender myths about womens performance as managers still persisted.For instance, the male partners assumed that the women were reluctant to engage in business travel and loose business gatherings. As a result of the confrontation, Coopers and Lybrand initiated programs to address diversity issues. These programs include mentoring and formal training. Coopers and Lybrand proclaimed that 30 percent of their new partners by the year 2000 would be women, up from 17 percent in 1999 (Glover 16).Eliminatin g the glass ceiling requires zealous planning efforts by corporations that are committed to diversity. The first clapperclaw involves reach goals. A few companies are achieving success in the engagement to get women into the executive suit. They have backed sound strategies with effort, money, and long bourne commitment (Weiss 191). Various companies base their goals on census data, desiring their workforce to polish the gender demographics of the surround region, while other companies eschew quotas and internal goals, entirely seek the same results, increased diversity.Diversity goals can help but women into the pipeline through the hiring process. The presence of women in senior positions tends to attract women who take to similar aspirations. Once employed, women must receive the training that will part with them to move into the corporate ranks. For example, Colgate-Palmolive favors fast tracking its employees through cross training. skip over training exposes the emplo yee to a variety of functions within the organization the broad base of knowledge acquired is critical to success as a future manager.The efforts that corporations are putting into diversifying their workforces is bearing fruit. An example is J.C. Pennys, which initiated a drive in 1988 to ask 1,000 management positions (created by the relocation of company headquarters) with qualified women. After setting numerical goals and establishing formal networking and mentoring programs. Pennys was able to increase its percentage of senior managers who are women from less than 12 percent in 1990 to more than 35 percent by 1997 (WIBC 103).The glass ceiling that prevents women from advancing to top positions will only be shattered by the combined efforts of policy-making activists and the private sector. steady legislation provides women with the power they need to litigate unfair employment practices. insular sector initiatives help create a climate that is supportive for women to moder nise their skills and make it to the top.Women have made key victories, both in the political arena and in Corporate America. Thousands of women managers are in the pipeline and on the right track to assume their rightful places in the ranks of corporate executives. If incumbent efforts bear fruit, the glass ceiling will no longer be a limiting factor for women of the 21st century.

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Effects of Internet on Child Development

one hundred eighty to learn was report in 65 cases, to play was reported in 57 cases, to browse in 35 cases, and to communicate in 27 cases. Thus, the vanadium indices of churl rest kin mesh hold in cluded 1) the regular variable long time of home net access and the dichotomous (report ed-unreported) variables of squirt home In ternet use to 2) learn, 3) play, 4) browse, and 5) communicate. Family Socioeconomic Characteristics The levy questionnaire assessed five family characteris tics unremarkably used to determine socioeconomic stipulation (Bradley &038 Corwyn, 2002 Sirin, 2005). 2 items queried fathers and lets employment status. Approximately 70% of mothers and 96% of fathers were employed, full-time or part-time. Two questionnaire items requested fathers and mothers aim of training, coded as elementa ry = 1, junior high develop = 2, high school uncomplete = 3, high school complete = 4, technical school/college (complete or incomplete) = 5 and university (comple te or incomplete) = 6. The mean educational pick out of mothers was 4. 79 (SD = 0. 95) suggesting that many mothers had post-secondary education the mean educational level of fa thers was 4. 45 (SD = 1. 2) suggesting that some fathers had post-secondary education. The final socioeconomic item on the questionnaire asked parents to indicate annual family income by selecting one of the pastime options < $20 000 = 1, $20 000 to $40 000 = 2, $40 000 to $60 000 = 3, $60 000 to $80 000 = 4, $80 000 to $100 000 = 5, > $100 000 = 6. Annual income for participating families was almost $60,000 CD (M = 4. 07, SD = 1. 48). Table 2 presents a summary of measured constructs which includes four tests of childrens cognitive development, five indices of childrens home cyberspace use, and five fa ily socioeconomic characteris tics. Which are the better predictors of cognitive development during childhood, &8212 el ements of the microsystem or elements of the techno- subsystem? Two series of s tepwise retroflection analysis we re conducted with the four c ognitive development scores as the dependant variables. In the first regression analyses , family socioeconomic characteristics (elements of the microsystem) were the independent variables. In the second analyses, indices of home mesh use (elements of the techno-subsystem) were the independent variables. Tab le 2 Description of Constructs and Measures Ecological dodge System Elements Specific Measures Bioecology Cognitive Development communicatory Language Metacognitive homework Visual Perception Auditory Memory Techno-Subsystem substructure meshwork manipulation historic period of Internet Access Online nurture Online Playing Online Browsing Online conversation Microsystem Family Characteristics Father Employment beget Employment Father Education dumbfound Education Annual Family Income Results Results of analyses revealed that fa mily socioeconomic characteristics (eleme nts of the microsystem) explained a odest (but significant) amount of the reading in childrens cognitive deve lopment scores. As presented in Table 3, adjusted R 2 values indicated that fathers level of education accounted for almost 7% of the variation in childrens level of expressive lyric (as measured by the WISC-IV vocabulary subtest), 5% of the variation in childrens optical perception and auditory memory (as measured by the CAS sign- actors line(a) matrices subtest and CAS 181 word series subtest, respectively). Whether or not moth ers were employed, part-tim e or full-time, accounted for pproximately 6% of the discordences in childrens capacity to execute metacognitive functions such as readiness (as measured by the CAS matching numbers subtest). While the other measures of familial socioeconomic status (e. g. , mothers education and family income) explained some of the random variable in childrens cognitive development, such measures did not improve upon the prognostic utility of fa thers education or maternal employment variation is prerequisite to prediction. Almost all fathers were employed and almost all mothers had consummate high school. For participating middle- crystallize families, fathers education a d mothers employment were more sensitive to childrens cognitive development scores than were family income, fathers employment, and mothers education. Tab le 3 . Stepwise Regression Analysis Family Characteristics Predicting barbarian Cognitive Development Cognitive make up Predictor Beta cant t value R 2 (adj) F value Expressive Language Father Education . 292 2. 70** . 074 (1, 78) = 7. 29** Metacognitive prep Mother Employed . 270 2. 46* . 061 (1, 77) = 6. 05* Visual Perception Father Education . 244 2. 22* . 047 (1, 78) = 4. 93* Auditory Memory Father Education . 258 2. 6* . 054 (1, 78) = 5. 55* *p < . 05 **p < . 01 Results of analyses further revealed th at indices of home Internet use (elements of the techno-subsystem), in general, explained more of the varia tion in childrens cognitive de velopment than did family socioeconomic characteristics (elements of the microsystem). Summarized in Table 4, specific types on online behavior (i. e. , instruction, communicating, and playing) and years of home In ternet access combined to predicted child cognitive developmental outcomes. Indicated by adjusted R 2 , childrens online communication, ears of home Internet access, and online learning (as reported by parents) accounted for ap proximately 29% of the varia tion in childrens level of expressive language as measured by the WISC-IV vocabulary subtest. Online learning and communicating (reported- unreported) combined to explain 13. 5% of the variation in childrens metacognitive planning. Online learning and playing (reported-unreported) combined to explain 10. 9% of the variation in childrens auditory memory. years of home Internet access explained approximately 3% of the diffe rences in childrens visual perception scores. With the xception of visual perception, indices of home Internet use (elements of the techno-subsystem) were better predictors of childrens cognitive development than were family socioeconomic characteristics (elements of the microsystem). Tab le 4 . Stepwise Regression Analysis Home Internet Use Predicting Child Cognitive Development Cognitive Score Predictor/s Beta Weight t value R 2 (adj) F value Expressive Language Online Communication . 344 4. 00*** Years of Internet Access . 263 3. 12 ** Online Learning . 256 2. 99** . 287 (3, 101) = 14. 97*** Metacognitive Planning Online Learning . 287 3. 03** Online Communication . 201 2. 12* . 35 (2, 101) = 9. 06*** Visual Perception Years of Internet A ccess . 192 1. 99* . 028 (1, 104) = 3. 98* Auditory Memory Online Learning . 242 2. 60* Online Playing . 228 2. 46* . 109 (3, 101) = 14. 97*** *p < . 05 **p < . 01 ***p < . 001 Discussion A variety of mechanisms linking family socioeconomic status to child cognitive development energize been proposed in cluding parenting (Petrill, Pike, Price, &038 Plomin, 2004 Mistry, Biesanz, Chien, Howes, &038 Benner, 2008) and 182 resources (Bradley &038 Corwyn, 2002). For the topical samp le of middle class children, paternal education and maternal employment were associated with measures of hild cognitive development. More educated fathers tended to have offspring who scored high on three of the four cognitive measures (expressive language, visual perception, and auditory memory). Mothers who were employed tended to have children who scored high on the measure of metacognitive planning. ameliorate fathers and employed mothers may genetically transmit to their offspring some neurological processing advantage (bioecology). Simultaneously, educated fathers may provide enhanced language models and stimulating environments that facilitate the cognitive development of their children (microsystemic influence). Employed mother may provide models of organization and place increased demands on chi ldren to self- regulate thereby enhancing the metacognitive planning abilities of their offspring (microsystemic influence). Family socioeconomic status (as measur ed and for the current sample) accounted for 5% to 7% of differences in child cognitive development scores. In contrast, indices of home Internet use (as measured and for the current sample) accounted for 3% to 29% of differences in child cognitive development scores. Me ta-analysis confirms that the impact of socioeconomic status on academic achie vement is eroding over time (Sirin, 2005). Increasingly ffective structures of social equali zation (e. g. , ordinary education, quality daycare, preschool intervention, and prenatal programs) and the expanding middle class create the need for more precise verbal description of home environments. Current results suggest th at indices of home Internet use (i. e. , elements of the ecological techno- subsystem) provide more useable entropy regarding cognitive development than do family socioeconomic characteristics (elements of the microsystem). Only both of five family socioeconom ic characteristics added to the regres sion equation, suggesting that some measures (i. e. , family income father employment, and mother education) did not differ in relation to childrens cognitive development. In contrast, four of the five indices of home Internet use during childhood added to the regression equation, suggesting that these measures differe d in relation to childrens cognitive development. In the context of the current investigation, soci oeconomic status is a crude construct re lative to home Internet use. Internet use includes both organized (e. g. , search) and disorganized (e. g. , browse) interactions with both human (e. g. , chat) and bloodless (e. g. , database) elements in online environments (Johnson &038 Kulpa, 2007).Internet use is a complex set of behaviors that vary widely across individuals and th at is influenced by cognitive and personality characteristics (Joinson, 2003). For the current sample of children, patterns of home Internet use explained more of the variation in cognitive development than did family socioeconomic characteristics. In the context of middle class families, elements in the techno-subsystem (e. g. , Internet access) may not necessarily facilitate child cognitive development effective use of those elements, highly dependent upon parent behavior, may promote development.For example, Cho and Cheon (2005) surveyed families and found that parents perceived control, obtained through shared nett activities and family cohesion, reduced childrens exposure to negative Internet content. Lee and Chae (2007) reported a positive relations hip between parental intermediation techniques (website recommendation and Internet co-use) and childrens educa tional attainment. In the current investigation, the cognitive experiences provided to children by employed moth ers may include Internet skills instruction (e. g. , sending email) and models of information management (e. g. acc essing websites for informa tion). Such experiences, over time, may provide children with enhanced opportunities to direct their own cognitive development via more and more sophisticated uses of the Internet. According to Livingston and Bober (2005), a new divide is opening up between those for whom the internet is an increasingly rich, diverse, engaging and stimulating resource and those for whom it remains a narrow, unengaging, if occasionally recyclable , resource of rather less significance (p. 2). Bruner (2005) recen tly reiterated that our minds ap propriate ways of representing th populace from using and relating to the codes or rules of available technology (p. x). Cognitive abilities prerequisite to use of Internet applications constitute an implicit component of contemporary notions of intelligence (Maynard, Subrahmanyam, &038 Greenfield, 2005). The ecological techno-s ubsystem furthers our understanding of environmental influences on child development by emphasizing the impact of digital technologies on cognitive growth during childhood. The techno- subsystem provides precise description of microsystemic mechanisms of developmental influence which lead to intervention strategies.According to Livingston and Bober ( 2005), many parents lack the skills to run and support their childrens Internet use and Intern et-literate parents have Internet-litera te children. Subsequent research may evaluate the effectiveness of techno-subs ystem interventions for elementary school children at-risk, for example, the provision of home Internet access and pa rent Internet literacy training. As stated elsewhere, current anxiety surrounding childrens Internet use should be for those whose cognitive processes are not influenced by the pagan tool (Johnson, 2006, p. 570).

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Aging and Stress

This instruction investigated the line of sample among different cultural sort outs. Thirty-four participants both work force and women from 65 to 100 years old were interviewed. The participants were from Filipino, Latino, and Jewish senior diversionary attack clubs.A grounded opening approach was used throughout the find out. One core bailiwick emerged people go to senior centers looking for social connections and do non always find them. The results were consis decenniumt with the research (Cussack, 1993) seniors centers present opportunities for sometime(a) adults to break away meaning roles that contri ande to the quality of their own lives.One of the implications for TR practice is RTs devour the ability to create positive and healthy changes in elderly participants. RTs trick be instrumental in finding those needed roles for elders. RTs brush off train recreation professionals in communication techniques and chemical group interaction.I. IntroductionMany older a dults atomic number 18 faced with situations they perceive as stressful. Researchers have identified causes of stress for seniors to involve health concerns, loss of family, loss of friends, loss of finances and loss of independence.Many older adults experience unnecessary stress and become used to living a chaotic and unhappy way of life. If they understood the source of their stress, older adults could bulge to manage their lives with positive results.The researcher is seeking to discover the cause of stress in older adults, and if there is a difference among the cultural groups. It is cognise that about thirty- superstar percent, or 9.9 million, non-institutionalized older people live solely (Administration on Aging, 1999).II. BackgroundThere is limited research on coping and stress charge for older adults with a comparative analysis by culture and gender. This playing area compared sources of stress among elders in the following immigrant groups Filipino, Latino, and Jewish elders. The Filipino group was selected because it is the largest group of Asian elders in the county where the research was conducted.The Latino elders comprise the largest minority group in the county, and the Jewish elders were chosen because many were immigrants who came to America seeking immunity from persecution and the terror of Western Europe in the 1940s and whitethorn be perceived to have higher levels of stress than the other two groups.A name and address of the researcher, was to provide information for those designing programs for older adults, to assist them in the simplification of stress, and to insure the programs are not only appropriate to the needs of seniors, but their cultural needs as well. While each group of immigrant elders may have their own unique attributes and circumstances, recreation and leisure activities can help to expedite identity in the new community, (Ward, 2000).III. MethodThe researcher gave a video display and offered a warm-up activit y on stress before interviewing the subjects. to each one subject was interviewed individually and asked four questions please see table 1. The grounded theory methodology (Strauss & Corbin, 1994), a form of qualitative research was selected for this study because of the usefulness in categorizing empirically collected data to build a general theory to fit the data.The primary research question was what is the source of stress among Filipino, Latino and Jewish elders? The sampling strategy used was increase or chain sampling.IV. ParticipantsThe subjects for this study included males and females. The groups were comprised oftwelve Jewish females, ten Latina females, and eleven Filipino females ages 60 to 100 years old. The male subjects consisted of sise Jewish males, eight Latino males, and nine Filipino males, ages 60 to 85 years old.See table 2. The sample was drawn from three recreational clubs one multipurpose center with a variety of cultural clubs and groups with one pa rcel primarily Jewish elders. In the study, one senior center was a traditional multi-purpose facility operated by a large urban urban center (pop. 461,522) in Los Angeles County, and a private non-profit Jewish community center crack diverse programming and activities for individuals of all ages.

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Plato’s Theory of Forms Essay

Explain and define Platos theory of Forms with your personal Criticism. Plato was natural in Athens on 428 BC. He was a Greek philosopher who move foundations of western philosophy. He raised canonic questions and problems of western thought, goodness and virtue, true statement and fellowship, body and soul, ideal political state, and use of Literature and Arts were roughly of the pre dominant topics of interest to Plato. Plato devoted himself completely to philosophy. He was a educatee of Socrates. He was a great admirer of Socrates and he initi every(prenominal)y joined Socrates school of thought to learn philosophy.Later after the death of Socrates, he found an academy where geometry was most prominent in the curriculum along with mathematics and philosophy. He was in like manner influenced from pre-Socratic thinkers like Heraclitus and Parmenides who rejected physical terra firma and said that inner is more important than believed app bent valet de chambre. He was also influenced by mathematical ideas derived from Pythagoras. He learned dialectical method of interest truth in order to derive a philosophy, ideas and sights.According to encyclopaedia Britannica literally word Form means, The external shape, appearance or conformity of an object in contradistinction to the matter of which it is composed. In Aristotelian Metaphysics, the active, determining article of faith of a thing as distinguished from matter, the potential principle. (cyclopedia Britannica, 2012) In Stanford Encyclopedia it is stated that, Platos term eidos by which he identified the unending legitimateity that makes a thing what it is in contrast to the particulars that are limited and subject to change.The Platonic archetype of form was itself derived from the Pythagorean theory that perspicuous structures and not material elements, gave objects their distinctive characters. Theory of Forms states about what is real and what is not. The real is thought to be perfec t whereas things which are not real are changing. Plato advocates that the world of forms is dissimilar from world of appearances. World of Forms ignore only be understood by philosophers and those who set about the truth. The dialogues in this theory portray knowledge as the process of leaving dark caves for going into sunlight.People who die in dark caves find their reality in shadows. These shadows are genuinely the symbol of the apparent world and it is just a shadow of what is real. Plato says that this world is not real it is only the world of forms which is real and never changes. It squeeze out be explained by umpteen examples for example we all try to seek knowledge and in reality what we learn is an opinion only. in any case one thing is beautiful for someone but it can be ugly for someone else. People who consume an urge to know and project the true knowledge in the world can only smirch the intelligible world.This world of objects is not independent because i t depends on other real world of clear forms or ideas. Objects in this world have got their qualities from the ideal world. An object is beautiful because it takes that beauty from the higher toss offed estate. This concept of ideal Forms and forms of the world can be explained by geometry. Any cheering or triangle that we draw or construct is imperfect because it is only when approximate the ideal triangle. This ideal triangle has no community with senses or reason because it is not concrete but a concept or an idea in the real world.Plato says that, the world of forms can be characterized as changeless , eternal and real whereas physical world undergoes many changes and decay. The criticism on Platos theory of forms is that, he could not be able to draw a logical connection between the realm of forms and physical world. According to Aristotle, this theory does not explain that how permanency and order can be attained in this world and how we can have objective knowledge of this physical world.Plato separated two worlds so distinctly that it failed to explain a former two points. The objectivity and permanence of real world does not explain this physical world hence establishes no strong connection between the two worlds. In my opinion Plato puts an argument that intellectual truth is truer than physical truth. This universe is created by divinity who is pure and the ultimate reality. He has no physical being but he has created a physical universe. This physical world is a copy of the real universe which only exists in the mind of creator.Similarly all horses are copies of one horse which exists at some higher land of truth. Likewise all beds are only copies of an ideal bed which lies in heaven probably. These examples are given by Plato to prove that world of forms is different from world of reality. It concludes that forms are relative and they are mere imitation of the real. The basic function of theory of forms is unification. It serves to unif y groups of objects or concepts by connecting them to a pure essence of the real world.

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Body Art and Ornamentation Essay

There is no polish in which tidy sum do not, or did not paint, pierce, tattoo, reshape, or simply adorn their bodies (Schildkrtaboo, 2001). passim history, corpse finesse and decoration has become a humankindwide phenomenon and has vie a key p blind in our get it ons, yet there is a sociable stigma which we give noticenot seem to rid ourselves of. It is around commonly construe and misinterpreted which can be attributed to the fact that the symbolism and significance of the corpse dodgework and/or ornamentation doesnt al r egresses translate the same among the cultures. Although western sandwich culture faces torso art and ornamentation as creationness associated with naughtiness and rebellion, Japanese and African cultures use it as a way of expressing spiritualty as well as cultural expression. The existence of body art and ornamentation can be traced all the way back xxx thousand years or more back to when cavemen drew pictures on the cave walls. check to K uhn & Stiner (n.d.), the alteration and enhancement of ones body originated from the Kapthurin formation in Kenya. Anthropologists even believe that body art and ornamentation was present during the Middle Pleistocene in both Eurasia and Africa. prospect and art be two factors that play a fundamental fragmentise in African culture. According to Clarke (2006), many African societies symbolically view body art and ornamentation as a special role in guiding ones destiny and success, mediating between world of the living as well as the spiritual world, expressing community ideals, formation power and leadership, protecting and healing, and celebrating or commemorating the cycles of life, human and agricultural.African culture uses a variety of ways to display their body art and ornamentation depending on which society they live in. These ways include incorporating shells, teeth, or claws into their fit out or jewelry, wearing colored body paint, exaggerating human features (i.e. elongation of the neck), gauging piercings in the ears and/or lip, scarification, and tattooing. Looking from another cultures perspective, the various forms of African body art and ornamentation atomic number 18 seen as being weird, out of the ordinary, and we dont say the importance they hold inwardly these African cultures. On the other hand, there are other cultures much(prenominal) as the Japanese, who instead of outwardly portraying their body art and ornamentation testament instead conceal it so it wont be evident at all.The first signs of body art and ornamentation which appear in the Japanese culture were first noted as originating all the way back to AD 297 (Rapp, 2010). Back then, tattoos would signify which occupational congregation accepted(a) men belonged to and men, both young and old, would get tattoos all over their bodies including their faces. custody would even go as further as getting wide-eyed body tattoos which could be found on laborers, firemen, and gangsters (Hopkins-Tanne, 2000). The Chinese considered all Japanese tattoos an act of barbarism and was perceived as being extremely negative. The body art and ornamentation that exists and has existed indoors the Japanese culture spreads beyond however tattooing and there are a few other methods that they used. First, many marry Japanese women or courtesan in the 10th by nineteenth centuries would apply a paste to their teeth which would blacken them (Schildkrout, 2001). This was considered as being beautiful as well as sexually appealing to where as we would view that as abnormal and ugly. Secondly, they would bind the womens feet in set out to make them smaller and the process was extremely excruciating, but again, it was considered as being beautiful.The pain that was felt and the blood that was shed served as an offering to the gods, ancestors, and spirits (2001). On the other end of the spectrum, culture within the United States has a split view regarding body art an d ornamentation. In the United States, forms of body art and ornamentation can include tattoos, piercings, branding, corseting, scarification, gauging the earlobe, make-up, plastic surgery, and dental implants (Schwarz, 2006). We live in a society where we idolize and preach the importance of fleshly attractiveness. In insideng so, there is the separation of individuals into five different groups that exist within the genial structure. The five groups include the conforming group, the innovators, ritualists, retreatists, and the rebellion group (Rapp, 2010). The conformist group consists of individuals who understand and accept the emphasis on the watcher of the body in its innate state and the only type of body art or ornamentation thats used is superficial. On the other hand, the individuals who are classified as innovators accept the whole concept of the beauty of the natural body, but go to the extremes to achieve this. The individuals who refuse to conform to what society h as deemed as beautiful yet maintains a natural body and stays within certain bounds regarding body art and ornamentation. Retreatists include individuals who dont abide by the guidelines of proper hygiene as well as body art and ornamentation and wont acknowledge the beauty of the natural body. Lastly, there are individuals who are set out to diversity the social structure and bring about a new frame of body art and ornamentation and they make up the rebellion group (2010). Nowadays, in American culture we see body art and ornamentation, such as tattoos and piercings, as being gratifying as well as fashionable. Its not uncommon to see people have a variety of body art, ornamentation, and body modification performed. The majority of people go and get tattoos when they experience a pivotal point in their lives as well as trying to create a sense of identity for themselves.Everyone tries to be original in their own way, but the end firmness is the creation and growth of conformity . By this, I mean that everyone is going out and getting tattoos, piercings, or plastic surgery and theyre trying to be original, but when all is said and done, they begin to blend in with one another. No matter what people say or do, a stigma has remained attached to all the various kinds of body art and ornamentation. According to Schwarz (2006), tattoos continue to not be entirely accepted and are a barrier to the economic success which is central to the American dream. For example, most employers have rules for their employees stating that they cannot have any panoptical tattoos and/or piercings that are visible to the popular. This could be partly because there are individuals that could be offended and businesses could vex from a loss of customers and sales. In the American culture, tattoos are not acceptable in a number of situations especially when it has to do with the general public (2006). The highest percentage of the American culture that has body art and ornamentati on can be found in the younger generations. Many teens go through a period in their lives where they feel the need to rebel against the social norm especially to spite their parents. Their choices of body art and ornamentation are indicative of their attitudes and determine (Crapo, 2013). Attitudes are statements of ones preferences while values are what we consider good or bad (2013). This plays into why certain individuals look down upon body art and ornamentation and end up enforcing the negative stigma. In conclusion, the implementation of body art and ornamentation is a designated way of indicating the various cultural differences that exist within cultures worldwide. The main crusade there has been the rise in the popularity of body art and ornamentation is a result of cultural commercialism. Despite how hard we try to eliminate the social stigma of body art and ornamentation, it will never completely be gone. Unfortunately, we cant have everyones personal opinion be the sam e as one another, but there is one affair that we can do. We can make the effort to educate the various cultures on one another so that we are able to comprehend the style that is used, the meaning of symbols, myths and legends, and social values. People in different cultures continue focalization on the negative aspects of body art and ornamentation, but if we were able to understand one another, the idea of peace on earth isnt that far out of reach.ReferencesClarke, C. (2006). The art of africa A response for educators. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Retrieved from Ebscohost database Crapo, R.H. (2013). Cultural anthropology. San Diego, CA Bridgepoint Education Hopkins-Tanne, J. (2000). carcass art Marks of identity. British Medical Journal. doi 320(7226)64 Kappeler, P., Stahl, J., & Wohlrab, S. (2006). Modifying the body Motivations for getting tattooed and pierced. Science Direct Body Image 4, 87-95. Retrieved from http// Modifying_the_Body.pdf Kuhn, S.L. & Stiner, M.C. (n.d.) Body ornamentation as information applied science Towards an understanding of the significance of early beads. Retrieved from http//

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Article “Cradle-to-cradle: the next packaging paradigm?” Essay

In his article Cradle-to-cradle the next packaging paradigm? David Newcorn suggests three entirely natural strategies for packaging itemsstrategies which may at first instigate nerve centrebrows to rise. On surrounding(prenominal) look, however, Newcorns suggestions may indeed live up to one of its goals to do at a packaging strategy conducive for the surroundings.Newcorn has three objectives in mind in assemble to achieve such an end commit more packaging materials, not less design the best package possible instead of designing with the cheapest materials without worrying about per-package cost, and littering tail uphold the environment. But how be these supposedly environmental threats do the exact verso of further degrading the environment and contribute to the crusade for the strengthening of the environment through strategic and environmentally friendly packaging schemes?In order to arrive at a better understanding of Newcorns suggestions, it is as important to no te that what separates Newcorns suggestions from the rest is that the suggestions actually target the possibilities of the prox. By offering three distinct strategies which may at first bet threatening to the environment, Newcorn turns the table around by citing examples of what ifs, possible situations which get to a broad(prenominal) probability of being real sometime in the future.For the moment, however, the efficiency of Newcorns suggestions seems to hang in the balance for a some effective reasons. First, Newcorn suggests that by use more packaging materials instead of less, we can actually save the environment from being harmed because sometime in the future there will be ice cream wrappers which turn into a biosafe liquid or foam food containers which contain essential nutrients which reclaim the earths topsoil, for instance.While the prospects for his suggestion ar noble, it can scantily be denied that the possibilities ride out to be seen. Newcorn even admits th at the possibilities are yet to be obtained. If the possible elements in the illustrations he has elaborated in his article remain to be seen, then there is little reason to believe that manu pointurers of these products should flat adopt the strategies he offers. The same goes for the designers who take a crap the same inclinations as Newcorn.In current times, using more packaging materials or littering the environment with these materials is just effective in theory. At the least, designers can hardly deny the fact that the current environmental measures being taken all around the beingness are in startling contrast to Newcorns suggestion barely because the environmental problems which beset the modern societies are the result of scores and piles of garbage produced on a daily basis. What Newcorns suggestions curb the designers, however, are insights into the future.Although the situations he has given in his article are possibilities, they nevertheless give designers a gli mpse of what the future may look like. Given these legal brief future sketches of packaging strategies, designers cannot simply dismiss the aspect that Newcorns suggestions are worth the efforts of being studied. Both scholars and designers concerned in the packaging empyrean may very well agree that there is more than what meets the eye in Newcorns assumptions.Technical and biological nutrients may indeed shortly take over the packaging materials used in products. Science and engine room are constantly evolving and are relentlessly seeking new methods and designs to reform the materials we use daily in the larger effort to preserve the environment. recycle packages which may soon be eco-effective without the downside of degrading the quality of the packages for commodities is another thought worth pondering (Bendor, Terry and Kenneth, p. 175).Newcorn, however, may be correct in insisting that a large amount of history involving packaging materials should have to be beaten firs t before anything else of the efforts to resort to recycling and using eco-effective packaging materials can be fully achieved. Much of what companies do in order to sustain their operations is to use whatever is cheaper and more good in the market. The fact that bottling companies for soft drinks have relied less and less on bottles and more and more on cheap and recyclable aluminum cans as containers (Banks, p.72) suggest that money-making ventures may find it difficult to fully adjust and find their packaging strategies according to what Newcorns assumptions for the future. Any designer involved in the packaging sector will mobilise that the problems which beset the environment too have consequences on their part and to the rest of the world. Newcorns efforts serve as a model not only for the big companies under the packaging sector but also for the average citizen. However, Newcorns suggestions face the unmediated criticism of failing to obtain in the contemporary time whic h is in deep need of innovations in packaging strategies.It may be high time for designers in the packaging industry to settle down and think of other innovative ideas which will provide ways to counter and resist environmental problems brought by wastes from packages which are also attainable in the earliest possible time. The future of the environment is indeed filled both with good prospects that are hanging and with contemporary as well as former problems in terms of garbage from packaging materials which pose problems which cannot be soft set aside for the benefit of acquiring more profit.It is logical affluent to presume that the future does not promise anything clear. Yet it would also be absurd to assume that nothing can be done to prefigure and, hopefully, resolve the current environmental problems and the future environmental hazards both at the same time. Newcorns suggestions may still lack its applicability in contemporary times. However, the effects and prospects o f Newcorns suggestions are promising and may indicate to be more than useful in the coming years. WORKS CITED Banks, Seymour.The measuring rod of the Effect of a New Packaging Material Upon Preference and Sales. The diary of Business of the University of Chicago 23. 2 (Apr. , 1990) 71-80. Bendor, Jonathan, Terry M. Moe, and Kenneth W. Shotts. Recycling the Garbage give the gate An Assessment of the Research Program. The American Political Science Review 95. 1 (2001) 169-90. Newcorn, David. Cradle-to-Cradle The Next Packaging Paradigm? 2003. Packaging World Magazine. January 13 2008. <http//www. packworld. com/view-16013>.

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Hemoglobin Model

Hemoglobin model vizor the 02 being carried by mite. Pipe cleaners=subunits Green marsh eminent=iron molecule Yellow marsh mellow=oxygen molecule Orange cards= heme groups (wolfe, 2000)Oxygenated/deoxygenated oxygenated 02 bound Bright red subunit is in relaxed form Higher relationship for 02 Affinity for oxygen iscooperative, which corethat the chemical attraction for 02increases with each boundmolecule. ( Ahern & Rajagopal, 2013)Deoxygenated 02 not bound fantasm red color In tense form which has lower similarity for oxygen. When 02 binds todeoxygenated hemoglobin,hemoglobin transitions from Tstate to R state. This occurswhen 02 binds to iron, itcauses a change in thesubunit. ( Ahern & Rajagopal,2013)Bohr Effect Hemoglobin has a graduate(prenominal) kinship for 02 at a high PH, low Co2. Hemoglobin has a lower affinity at a low PH, high Co2.At a high Co2, low PH hemoglobin is more stable in the T state which decreases its affinity for 02. Oxygen needs to be d elivered to the tissues. Tissues have a low PH. Hemoglobin needs to release 02 at low PH. funky PH = low 02 saturation.( Wolfe,2000 )Myoglobin wants to store 02 for when tissues need it. Has a higher affinity than hemoglobin. ( Ahern & Rajagopal, 2013) Hemoglobin wants to unload 02 in the tissues. Has a lower affinity than myoglobin. ( Ahern & Rajagopal, 2013 )(Genetic science learning center, 2013)Difference between normal and reap hook forms of hemoglobin.Normal and sickle erythrocytes at the cellular level.(Genetic science learning center, 2013)Diseased RBCs vs. Normal RBCs Diseased Have a sickle shape, and arethick and sticky. Clumpstogether in small crinklevessels. Blocks normal hemoglobinto deliver 02 to tissues. Short life suspender of 10-20 days Body can not keep up with rbc production leading toanemia and pain. (Wolfe,2000)Normal Round Doughnut shape Life span of 120 days (Wolfe, 2000)(Ahern and Rajagopal, 2013)

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Leadership and Organizational Behavior Essay

A Proposal precisely defines your re try topic and the postulate for studying itwhat is the organizational issue and OB topical subject that requires management and further study provides a research question to summarize the fuss press outment, however tentative it may be explains the sources critical to your proposed research, demonstrating that they are seemly for your project Proposal OrganizationYour project proposal must embarrass the following quaternion labeled partitions Your Name (top of archetypical page).Organization. Give the piss of the organization and very briefly sop up it. If you are focusing on one department in the organization tell which one and describe it briefly. Be sure to implicate a description of your role in the organization. Set the context for the caper statement.Problem Statement. Identify and clearly state the problemthe leadership / management issue in which an element of the set organization is not meeting expectations. The problem statement is usually phrased in terms of questions considerably more focused than the subject of the paper. End this section by stating the problem in the form of a question. For example, if a give out group is not performing effectively, an effective problem statement expertness be, How stick out group performance be improved? rather than apparently Poor group performance.A well-formed problem statement has four main characteristics1. Unity the problem statement articulates a single lordly humor. The idea may be complex and have several parts, moreover it should be one idea nevertheless.2. Focus the problem should be dependant and specific enough for the reader to gain a clear idea of the OB topical area and the direction of your study and research.3. Structure if the problem statement is sufficiently focused, it will provide a basis for decisions nigh which information to include and which to exclude from the paper.4. Interest the problem statement should localise th e readers interest in the OB topical area of interest.Research Plan. Provide an overview of what specific research/actions you will be pickings on your problem statement. (surveys, journals, etc.). Do not be vague in this section. Note Interviews are discouraged unless you secure management approval in advance.Scholarly Sources. You are required to use scholarly sources for your course project. bide away from textbooks as your primary source. Within DeVry University Library Services (link can be found within The HUB), you have access to EBSCOhost, which offers full-text access to articles in all subject areas. Within EBSCOhost, you can do an advanced search where you have the choice to search for only scholarly (peer reviewed) journals. You might excessively consider using the Google Scholar search engine.Proposal DeadlineThe proposal is cod at the end of Week 2.Format of Your Proposal Header should include the title Your Name disgorge Proposal and the date Typically this is a o ne page rollif your need two pages, you are transcend what is required for the proposal. Spell check / grammar check / proofread Save your document in the following naming convention your last name first initial Project Proposal.docx and leave it in the Week 2 Project Proposal Dropbox

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Bioterrorism: Biological Warfare and Public Health Nursing

What is bioterrorism and how might you prepare for its effects? Bioterrorism uses pathogenic biological agents, such as biological state of war agents, which are colorless, and odorless derived from microorganisms that female genitals be spread in the air travel as aerosols or placed into food or drink to infect as many people as possible. The agents are concealed advantageously and said to be difficult to detect. Terrorists tend to attack major cities or densely crowded areas, and government buildings (Nicolson, 2001).One such agent that was used as early as 1520 by Cortez as an assault on the Aztec nifty city of Tenochtitilan in Mexico was the smallpox virus. The American Government used this appliance during the wars with the Native Americans. The United States has eradicated the disease with vaccines over the many years (Graber, 2010). The in style(p) known agent that imploded on the communities was the Anthrax virus, which was known to be in affect since 2001.Some peopl e would actually take the agent and put it in boxes, envelopes, etc. and send it in the mail to affect others with the disease. Nurses can assistance to be ready in different situations, by not sole(prenominal) knowing about early warning signals of diseases, but to know how to accept with the terrorist attacks. Healthcare workers can review fortuity plans in the workplace, be operable as a first responder, review the evacuation plan, and help others to divide with the events that are taking place (Stanhope & group A Lancaster, 2008).Nurses need the understanding of disaster plans in their workplace and community and review these plans every 6 months for changes and updates. think for future outbreaks of disease is always a good idea, as we can never know when a disaster may strike.References Graber, M. (2010). Terrorism Updates. Retrieved from http//www. emedmag. com. Nicolson, G. (2001). Bioterrorism. Retrieved from http//www. immed. org. Stanhope, M. , & Lancaster, J. ( 2008). Public Health Nursing Population Centered Health wish in the Community (7th ed. ). St. Louis, MO Mosby, Inc.

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Nz Fitness Industry

Within New Zealand a ontogenesis bout of people ar using the fittingness industry as a convenient means of improving and maintaining their well-organism. In recent times a market boom has taken place with to a greater extent and much lyceums being built throughout the country, and with them sweet credit line opportunities arising. One of the intimately reputation gyms in New Zealand, Les move is an example of one of these modernistic headache franchises.In the 43 years since Phillip mill about family started running their first Les mill about gym in New Zealand, the gym has since gone international with over 14,000 gyms in a flash spread throughout 75 countries worldwide and an estimated net worthy of (.. ) (citation). It is estimated that in New Zealand alone the gym industry generated over (. ) in 2008 (citation). along with the increase in gyms being established a fully grown analogy of the seaworthiness industry is now focusing on fare as an additional market for generating profit.This report serves to analyse and interpret twain psyche markets along with relevant figures, and impart outline the potential rising business prospects for investment or creating a new franchise in two markets. New Zealand has a braggart(a) fitness industry as instance has become a really important part of mundane life. like a shots gym goers are opting for low frills operators trading absent in high spirits end services in favour of convenience, price and flexible contracts.With more than 10% of New Zealands population now see an act professional regularly, on that point is a total of 400,000 people on mediocre seeing 1500 exercise professionals on a regular basis. (cited) close to of the spend gyms in New Zealand are Les Mills, Next generation and Jetts. Les Mills has a free-enterprise(a) emolument of having fun while exercise via the fitness classes that are suitable for all ages and sizes, such as Body Combat. Les Mills is a large firm that has privately owned companies headquarters in Auckland alone which are valued at $130 million.Les Mills believes that by 2020 they will open a further of 10 gyms in Auckland (cited Mills). The wellness and fitness market has been described as blandly premium as there is little deffirentiation between service offerings, indicating that there is opportunity for competitive advantage to be achieved through quality. In order to open a new franchise sufficient funds must be available. aspiration endure with a newly opened Les Mills Britomart, which was set up with a total cost of $10 million dollars. Margins are very lithesome for smaller gyms, so would need to be a large pretender to be successful.Nz Fitness IndustryWithin New Zealand a growing number of people are using the fitness industry as a convenient means of improving and maintaining their well-being. In recent times a market boom has taken place with more and more gyms being built throughout the country, and with the m new business opportunities arising. One of the most renown gyms in New Zealand, Les Mills is an example of one of these modern business franchises.In the 43 years since Phillip Mills family started running their first Les Mills gym in New Zealand, the gym has since gone international with over 14,000 gyms now spread throughout 75 countries worldwide and an estimated net worth of (.. ) (citation). It is estimated that in New Zealand alone the gym industry generated over (. ) in 2008 (citation). Along with the increase in gyms being established a large proportion of the fitness industry is now focusing on nutrition as an additional market for generating profit.This report serves to analyse and interpret both individual markets along with relevant figures, and will outline the potential future business prospects for investment or creating a new franchise in both markets. New Zealand has a large fitness industry as exercise has become a very important part of everyday life. Todays gym goers are opting for low frills operators trading away high end services in favour of convenience, price and flexible contracts.With more than 10% of New Zealands population now seeing an exercise professional regularly, there is a total of 400,000 people on average seeing 1500 exercise professionals on a regular basis. (cited) Some of the top gyms in New Zealand are Les Mills, Next generation and Jetts. Les Mills has a competitive advantage of having fun while exercise via the fitness classes that are suitable for all ages and sizes, such as Body Combat. Les Mills is a large firm that has privately owned companies headquarters in Auckland only which are valued at $130 million.Les Mills believes that by 2020 they will open a further of 10 gyms in Auckland (cited Mills). The health and fitness market has been described as blandly premium as there is little deffirentiation between service offerings, indicating that there is opportunity for competitive advantage to be achieved through quality. In order to open a new franchise sufficient funds must be available. Competition exist with a newly opened Les Mills Britomart, which was set up with a total cost of $10 million dollars. Margins are very slim for smaller gyms, so would need to be a large player to be successful.

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Calculate the Window of Vulnerability Essay

To resolve the issue of the window of vulnerability (WoV), we would acquire to get the turn from Microsoft. According to Microsoft, it go out sorb up to 3 days for the patch to be available. Then, we would need superfluous time to download and test the patch to make sure that this is what is mandatory to fix the security breach on the SMB server. After doing the testing, the IT department would need time to install the patch onto the servers and deploy to the client computers.This will pull in 2 days to do, depending on the IT staff, if they work on weekends will meet the completion date. Meaning, if they will work on the weekend, so the deployment to all computers and servers will be done by that Sunday. If not, then it will be the succeeding(a) Tuesday. So, the time that is needed would be a week. To recap, the security breach was inform on a Friday. On Monday, looked on Microsofts website to see when the patch would be released, and it indicated that it would take 3 day s for it to be available.Counting Monday, 3 days would be, Wednesday. Depending on the time that the patch is released on Wednesday, would need an extra 2 days to download and test the patch before deploying, if primordial Wednesday, then thorium to test. But if it comes late Wednesday, then it would take Thursday and Friday to test. Then that would leave the weekend, if the IT staff would work on the weekend. But if not, then it is going to restart on Monday and complete on Tuesday.

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High School vs College Essay

A good education is an important grapheme of one(a)s life. To achieve a good education, one should go steady both spirited gear gear coach and college. Although rough people think mellowed condition has a lot in common with college, I run a risk them to be very different. After graduating from high shallow, I enrolled into college and noniced that on that point be many differences between them. A few of these differences include the make out of make up devoted to the pupils, and the attitude and responsibilities of the teachers and educatees as well. First of all, high school is the first step to a higher level of learning. This place equips us with the proper k instantaneouslyledge needed in order to survive college and a nonher(prenominal) higher levels of learning. The topics being taught in high school are infer in basic Math, Science, English, foreign languages, and many other subjects.The students are more than relaxed and their responsibilities are not that complicated and heavy in a perceive that there are fewer requirements and their due dates are not immediate. high schools have been criticized for not giving enough homework or assignments to its students. The of import contrast between the two educational institutions is the workload that is given to the students by the teachers. While I was attending high school, I could go old age without having any homework during the entire week. steep schools are characterized for assigning a single homework assignment or task per illuminate or still per day. On other hand, there are many shipway in which the attitudes of the teachers in high school differ from the attitudes of the teachers in college. In high school, the majority of the teachers seem to be stricter and have more rules for the students to follow. High school teachers are responsible for making trustworthy each student adapts those rules to the integralest extent and lam out disciplinary actions for those who do not obey them.One example in which a teacher has taken on a disciplinary action was when students were tardy or skipped their scheduled screen, the students ordinarily received detention along with an F for the day. I have similarly noticed high school teachers have strict rules to obey given to them by a higher authority. These rules include no eating or drinking in class, and some judgment of convictions not nevertheless chewing gum. some other way in which the attitude of the teachers differ is that in high school the teachers seems to be more responsible for what they dictate and have to make sure they do not curse or say something that can damp a student. If a high school teacher offends a student, the student has the privilege to complain to the principal, and most of the duration the teacher has to take full responsibility. Furthermore, the attitude of students in high school and college in any case differs greatly in ways such as their dedication to schoolwork and to learning.High school students believe they most attend to class because they are being coerce by the law or because their parents insist them to attend, and not because it helps for their future. The majority of high school students start the school year with excitement, but as the time goes, they become frustrated and bored. They begin questioning why they are in school, or what the purpose of doing homework is. While I was in high school, I had the opportunity to notice that many students prefer to goof during class time rather than doing their assignments. For the most part, high school students do not take their courses as seriously as they should. Moreover, there is always a class clown or someone tending to sleep, or even carrying a private conversation with other classmates during lectures.In contrast to high school, college is very specific and cautious about studying. In college, I was told by one of my teachers that a college student is expected to study for three hours a week, per credit. The subjects a student impart learn and discuss are overmuch more specific since you finally chose a life history path you will take in the future. College students are notorious more be on, but also more responsible causing their workload to be more obscure and heavier. Responsibility encourage changed for the simple fact that the curriculum is much more tedious and complicated due to the detailed topics that are discussed regarding your chosen career path. A college student may be given some(prenominal) tasks or homework assignment to do all that the same time for one class. For example, as a college student I have been given several pages to read from a text and a seven hundred countersign paper as well.Although colleges requires attendances and many of them try to enforce it some teachers do not. While I am attending college, I am now able to see the difference between how there are some teachers who feel it is the students responsibility to com e to class or not. If a student chooses to skip the class, the teacher will rarely say something to the student. However, even if colleges instructors are considered more flexible than any other teachers, students usually keep an F for the day in which they are absents. Colleges provide a huge variety of freedom and independence to its students because they believe students should be mature enough to make their own decisions on whether to attend a class or not. In contrast to high school teachers, college instructors are even able to say almost anything they want regardless of whether it offends someone or not such as in the occasion when a college instructor said, We dont need more black people rough here during one of his lectures. By the time students get accepted at colleges, most of them already know their educational goals.Through my time fagged in college I have realized students have the mindset to travel along in college because they want to be able to achieve their goals. People who patch up to attend to college are working towards obtaining a higher level degree, and not just to play around on campus, or to waste their time pretending to pay attention. This is a higher level of learning, thus, requiring more time, and front as well as devotion to studies. High school and college are very important in the educational processes because often one cannot get a good job without a well-developed education. This education frequently comes from having a high school diploma and a college degree. Although high school and college carry some of the same features they also have several differences between them. many of the ways which high school and college differ include the amount of work given to the students, the teachers attitudes and responsibilities, and the students attitudes and responsibilities as well. High school and college play important split in the lives of many people although they may be thought as similar, they also differ in sever al ways.

Crime in the Bahamas Essay

On the 6th April, 2011, shock waves were sent passim the Bahamaland after the report of a brutal massacre of Nellie Brown-Cox. It is alleged that this offence was affiliated by her common law husband (Bahamas Press, 2011). This discharge was a entrust of domestic personnel, which is a villainy that is committed among numerous residents in the Commonwealth of the Bahama Islands. Crime is ubiquitous, entirely toilet be alleviated if the essential steps be applied. To further explain, certain aspects of iniquity fecal matter be evaluated by explaining the faces of crimes, theories and reasons hoi polloi commit crime, the cause of crime, and the solutions needed to minimize crime in the Bahamas. According to a definition used in a Civics class, crime is an act punishable by law, and within the Bahamas crimes ar committed just about invariablyyday. Though there be several divergent types of crime, the predominant ones in the Bahamas is robbery, domestic abandon, inti mate assault/rape, and remove. Firstly, robbery in the Bahamas is becoming increasingly popular lately especially with opening of the numerous Cash for Gold stores. numerous persons are being robbed by criminals of fortunate much(prenominal) as chains, bracelets, anklets etc. to trade them in for nones. in that respect are many different types of robbery such as fortify or aggravated robbery, carjacking, and highway robbery or mugging. Secondly, internal violence is a nonher type of crime that is enormously common within the Bahamas. Domestic violence is any type of abuse against another person. This type of violence hobo occur among husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriends etc with no regards to race, age, sexual orientation, religion, or gender. One of the most devastatingly gruesome exhibits of domestic violence was the murder of Nellie Brown. Her murder was counted as number 227 in the most gruesome slaughter since the murder of designer Harl Taylor (Bahamas Pres s, 2011). Many individuals have contr oversial remarks about her invigoration and why her lover whitethorn have killed her, the act was uncalled for and no one has the by rights to hit another even if he/she did them wrong. in that location are many cases of abuse reported within the Bahamas today such as physical, sexual, and scotch abuse. Police officers are constantly patrolling different areas to deal with reported cases of abuse. This type of crime dismiss occur between a man and woman, gays and sapphic couples of any race and age.Many victims of this crime are married to their abusers and revoke to leave because of apprehension of what they volition do.If it takes the form of sexual violence, it can necessitate forcing nation to watch or act out pornography, the denial of contraception, non-consensual sexual contact or rape if it takes the form of emotional abuse, it can convey name-calling, humiliation, threats, intimidation, isolation from friends or families, de nial of basic needs or fiscal access, or passive control involving, for example, threats to self-harm or commit suicide (Gibbons, 2011). Our major(ip) crime in the Bahamas is murder. These senseless killings are tearing our untaught apart. The country our fore-fathers work so hard to build, and to set about a better living for the future generations. Most murders stemmed from arguments between acquaintances (Hanna, 2011) this is true to full extent.There are many theories and reasons why Bahamians are committing crimes within the Bahamas. The theories why pot commit crimes are biological or genetic, sociological and psychological. Many criminals are products of their environment. Many spate commit crimes because of poverty, anger, addiction, gangs, bored or oblivious to the law. In todays society many Bahamians are feeling the effects of the recession. Numerous individuals are losing their jobs, and those that are still working their wages are being cut enormously. Large numbe r of homes are being foreclosed and batch are being left homeless. Many of them resort to crime to scarper themselves or their families. Numerous wad go through all sorts of struggles and trials and are unable to deal with their frustration. Anger can cause many lot to do unintelligent things that they may regret later in life. Many people overly are being killed through retaliation. This shopping centre for an eye saga is start outing rapidly within the Bahamas. In society many new-fashioned people are recruited by older men and women to join a gang. There are numerous gang wars occurring in the Bahamas. Many old age people break the law speeding through the streets, smoking ganja, having get behind races on Sundays, turning without signaling etc. Some people do not mean to commit these offences but they are so preoccupy on the phone talking, texting or eating that they do not come across what they are doing or some people just do not care nor respect the law. Crime affe cts the Bahamas in several ways as a nation and a community.From a social aspect, the Bahamas crime grade are deplorable and increasing highly. With such a high crime rate, our community spirit has deflated and the people are not as social or neighborly as they used to be. Many people who commit crimes are arrested and placed in prison. These criminals are dependent on taxpayers (national insurance) money which is provided by the labor force including teachers, bankers, and other government officials. This money can be used to refurbish schools, government offices etc. Our master(prenominal) industry Tourism is affected by high crime rates. It can discourage visitors from coming here because of the fear of being attacked or robbed. On the 20th November, 2009, eighteen tourists were robbed at gun-point while on a constitution tour in Nassau, Bahamas (Tucker, 2010). This casualty brought dreadful remarks about our country and our law of nature department. This subsequently c aused many tourists to change their minds about coming or ever returning to the Bahamas because of this unpleasant incident. Crime also influences the mindsets of our younger generation. They can grow to believe that committing crime is cool and an easy way to gain specie to supply their needs. Domestic violence, sexual assault and rape has a unplayful effect on many peoples live. Abusers do not understand the magnitude of this crime they do not seem to advance that they are not only hurting the other person but also children if they are related in anyway.Many children who grow up in this type of environment suffer from behavioral, social and emotional problems, neglect, and may be directly abused themselves. Children may eventually grow up and become abusers or the ones abused. Many of these children become violent, may commit a sexual assault or do drugs. Some children who are sexually assaulted may become confused about their sexuality, or traumatized by the incident and become gays or lesbians. These innocent children may even evolve into criminals if the required treatment is not taken advantage of. These abused (mothers) persons may fix to end their lives or the abusers life to be liberate from the abuse or any memory of it. Crime is a tremendously increasing problem within the Bahamas today. If it is not solved it depart breaking the foundations our fore-fathers laid. To prevent these numerous crimes from occurring many steps our government and we the Bahamian people should take to minimize crime. Many Bahamians need to learn how to train their children to be respectable young men and women. Crime prevention starts from within the home. Now-a-days, children are disrespectful and rude, but their parents think it is cute and do not congeal the problem with discipline. Many also grow up with the perception that steal is okay.They go into stores and steal treats such as candies, chips, gum etc. and parents do not reprimand them and tell them i t is wrong and some judgment of convictions serving them steal these products. When these children grow up, they become thieves because they think it is the way of life and that stealing is embedded in them because they have been doing it for so long This may result in these children growing up to be menaces to society, or worse, becoming a guest of the government. Many Bahamians should keep a vigilant watch over their neighborhood and report any crime that took place to the police and accept to testify if needed. The government should also produce a witness protective cover law and agency for many witnesses of crimes. By forming this program, persons should not be frightened to come forward and testify because they are safe in the munition of the law. Criminals who are awaiting trial should be forced to wear an electronic overseeing device on them to track their whereabouts, mandate appropriate curfews to monitor that they are adhering to the rules and regulations authorized by the court. Churches and the community should be call upon to care in fight against crime.They should organize group sessions and activities to train young people how to become active in the community, teach them different skills and help in the rehabilitation of convicts. When children are busy in different extracurricular activities such as bands, Junior Achievement, Governor General Youth Awards etc., they will not have any spare time to get themselves into problems. There should also be jobs available for ex-convicts to make a living so they will not be tempted or feel forced to return to life of crime. The Bahamas should have a sexual predators registration list like our neighbors the USA. On the 3rd October, 2011, the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas make his address on Crime and vows that he will do his best(p) to reduce the crime rate. The Firearm (Moratorium) Notice, 2011 states persons must return to the police, licensed or unlicensed composition, and ammunition from October 5th, 2011 to November 3rd, 2011. Any person convicted of possession of a firearm after the date will be imprisoned for a nominal of four years. These new laws will help tremendously because criminals will fear going to jail for that long period of time as impertinent to the old minimum of two years (Restoring Your Trust, 2011).The Privy Council should be replaced and make our own Court of Appeals our final judicial authority. This law should be amend and a new law should be in place to figure out back the death penalty which is needed in our country. They also should obligate harder penalties for offenders of domestic abuse and offer treatment so this crime can be precluded from occurring again. There should be mandatory treatment for children who grow up in homes where domestic violence is prominent so abusers and those abused will not grow up into abusers. Any person convicted of heinous crime such as murder of children should be sentenced to death . There should also be the formation of hotlines and crisis centers to deal with abused victims. From the dawn of time crimes were being committed, as in the bible Cain killed his brother Abel over a sacrifice. Envy is the main factor in crime, and is in many crimes taking place in the Bahamas. Though this vermin (Crime) eats away through our society it can be reduced and eventually stomped out. By understanding the types of crimes, theories and reasons why people commit crime, and effect of crime, then we can understand why the solutions listed are needed within our society today. This problem cannot be eradicated, but can be contained and reduced if the required steps are taken.ReferencesContractor impeach of slaughtering his girlfriend, Nellie Brown. (2011, April, 8). Bahamas Press. Retrieved from http// Gibbons, L. (2011). Dealing with the effect of domestic violence. Emergency Nurse, 19(4), 12-17. Hanna, C.A. (2011). Reducing murder in the Bahamas A Strategic Plan Based on Empirical Research. Bahamas Nassau. Restoring your trust. (2011, October, 3). internal Address on Crime Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham Video file. Retrieved from http//, J. (2010, May 31). The risk of tourist robbery in the Bahamas, Time Travel. Retrieved from http//,31542,1992105,00.html

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Psychotherapy Main Concepts Essay

               When we study human fashion, specific each(prenominal)y focusing on the development of personality and crucial to how a person or manyone conducts him/herself, psychology offers a variety of dimensions. The concept of personality is central to our get down to understand ourselves and others and is part of the way in which we account for the differences that contribute to our individuality. Psychologists hold in been particularly concerned with shaping of the personality in relation to herit adequate and environmental influences. We nurture been fortunate that the study of human personality has been expand and fruitful. We can choose from as many personates we can to help us see ourselves better and maintain good relationships (Atkinson et al., 2000).             For the thrust that this paper is taking, I wish to mention then my positions individually, on Behavioral, Cognitive-Beh avioral, Psychoanalytic, and the Existential, Humanistic prospects. The Behavioral  model utilizes what is termed as the learning theory posited by Skinner and Watson and the rest of the behavioristic psychology school. It assumes that the principles in learning i.e., conditioning (Associative and Operant) argon doingive means to effect win over in an individual. Generally, the thrust of this theoretical emplacement is focused on the symptoms that a person is experiencing. Just as many of the errors of the patterns of behavior fare from learning from the environment, it is also assumed that an individual will be able to unlearn some if not all these by using the techniques as applied based on the learning principles.To a certain goal I believe that this still works reinforcements are effective to some extent and in some or many people whence I am incorporating this stance separate or distinct from the Cognitive-Behavioral cost.  In behavior therapy therefore, though ts, feelings and all those malfunctioning and unwanted manifestations revealed in ones activities can be unlearned and the work of a behavior healer. The introductory concepts intromit extinguishing utilized when maladaptive patterns are then washed-out and removed and in their place habits that are healthy are open up (developed and strengthened) in a series or progressive approach called accompanying approximations. When these (factors) are reinforced such as through rewards in inhering and extrinsic means, the potential of a more secure and steady change in behavior is developed and firmly established (Corey, 2004). Cognitive-Behavioral therapy. In the cognitive approach alone, the therapist understands that a client or patient comes into the ameliorate relationship and the formers role is to change or deepen the latters maladjusted or error-filled thinking patterns. These patterns may include wishful thinking, unrealistic expectations, constant reliving and living in t he bygone or even beyond the present and into the future, and overgeneralizing. These habits lead to confusion, frustration and ultimate constant disappointment. This therapeutic approach stresses or accentuates the rational or lucid and positive worldview a viewpoint that takes into considerateness that we are problem-solvers, redeem options in life and not that we are always left with no resource as many people think. It also looks into the fact that because we do have options then there are many things that await someone who have had bad choices in the past, and therefore can look positively into the future.Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy postulated earlier by Ellis and Beck facilitates a collaborative relationship between the patient and therapist. With the opinion that the counselor and patient together cooperate to attain a bank relationship and agree which problems or issues need to come first in the course of the therapy. For the Cognitive Behaviorist Therapist, the im mediate and presenting problem that the client is scathe and complaining from takes precedence and must be addressed and focused in the treatment. There is instantaneous relief from the symptoms, and may be encouraged or spurred on to pursue in-depth treatment and reduction of the ailments where possible (Corey, 2004). Psychoanalytic therapy. The Psychodynamic perspective is based on the work of Sigmund Freud. He created both a theory to apologise personality and mental disorders, and the form of therapy known as psychoanalysis. The psychodynamic approach assumes that all behavior and mental processes reflect constant and often unconscious struggles within the person. These usually involved conflicts between our need to satisfy staple biological instincts, for example, for food, sex or aggression, and the restrictions imposed by lodge.Not all of those who take a psychodynamic approach accept all of Freuds professional ideas, but most would view abnormal or problematic behavior as the result of a failure to resolve conflicts adequately. Many of the disorders or mental illnesses recognized today without a doubt have their psychodynamic invoice aside from other viewpoints like that of the behaviourist, or the cognitivists. From simple childhood developmental diseases to Schizophrenia, there is a rationale that from Freuds camp is able to explain (Kaplan et al, 1994). The Existential approach, as put forward by Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Sartre, Heidegger, Rollo May, and Frankl, believes that the individuals potential may lie dormant but that it is there waiting to be ushered in time. It recognizes that man is able to achieve great high school and that these are just waiting to be tapped not only by him/herself but that also when helped by a practitioner who is persuaded of this notion. It examines such major issues as free will and the challenges of exercising this free will, the issue of mortality, devastation and in general, the meaning of life.The Therapy is effective when the practitioner works with elderly direction and death and dying issues. It focuses on the individual needs but takes into consideration the significant relationships and the meanings they bring into the persons life. Transcending the issues and problems are primary intentions of the therapist at the same time being realistic that certain limitations do exist and may hinder the process of recovery (Corey, 2004).Humanistic therapy. Allport, Bugental, Buhler, Maslow Rollo May, Murphy, Murray, Fritz Perls and Rogers are those that helped usher in the Humanistic theory and consequent therapy. It holds in view the individual as possessing the options or freedom to choose, creativity, and the capability to attain a state where he/she is more aware, freer, responsible and worthy of trust.Because the human oral sex has immense potential, the approach assesses as well that forces from the environment bear on with the individual and depending on the interplay that occurs within the individual person, the result will both be destructive or constructive to the person. In sum, humanism takes into the perspective that essentially humans are good and not evil, and that the therapy facilitates by harnessing on the human potential through the development of interpersonal skills. This results to an enhanced role life and the individual becomes an asset rather than a liability to the society where he revolves in (Corey, 2004).Reference Atkinson, R.L., R.C. Atkinson, E.E Smith, D.J. Bem, and S. Nolen-Hoeksema. Introduction to Psychology. 13th Ed. New York Harcourt College Publishers, 2000.Corey, Gerald, 2004. supposition and practice of counseling and psychotherapy. Thomson Learning, USA.Kaplan, HI, BJ Saddock and JA Grebb. 1994. Kaplan and Saddocks Synopsis of Psychiatry Behavioral Sciences clinical psychiatry. Baltimore Williams and Wilkins.

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Office Administration Essay

The garbage disposal role, more than most others, has been profoundly touch by the reading gyration, according to Canadian researcher Alice de Wolff. At a concourse of the Office Workers calling Assistance Group of Toronto, Ms. de Wolff noted that index professionals work constantly with new information technologies. They bring the information economy to lifetime and experience the impact of the information revolution on a daily basis. She told her audition about a four-year study of cardinal Toronto companies with as many as 6,000 employees. A team of researchers, including Ms. de Wolff, interviewed approximately 650 managers and authority workers to pick up how the administrative profession has changed. They discovered that lieu work has changed in three ways.1. Tasks that make the core of administrative work be done in new ways, only if are still postulated in most jobs.2. Complex new tools that administrative professionals use to do these core tasks require offic e workers to develop technical acquaintance and skills and to work constantly to keep their skills current.3. shakeup in many workplaces has added new tasks related to to specific occupations or industries that require office workers to diversify. Many office professionals are be asked to do things that fall outside of their conventional support role. For example, a receptionist in a publishing house may be asked to edit manuscripts. These trends have led to changes in the jobs of

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Considerations of Communication Style Essay

confabulation movement has a very monolithic impact on the dynamics of face-to-face encounters, that is, whether a conversation proceeds swimmingly or by fits and starts, whether both continually interrupt each other or are both able to blabber simultaneously without interrupting and whether their expression of listening match. Differences in ethnic background coupled with those of conference style probably increase chances that tacit unverbalized matters will be overlooked or misinterpreted.To be able to recognize deeper and more sophisticated effects of style differences can take years. In exploring such(prenominal)(prenominal) differences of the other, one cannot help scarcely come to understand the cultural factors that turn in shaped ones sustain style. In the talk between Japanese and Non-Japanese there are intercultural communication blocks that beat to be considered, which are, problems on direct and indirectness, personal identity and classifys view, decision making, and discussion.Components of Communication Style  harmonise to some experts there are diverse things included in the components of communication style, such as topics of discussions, favorite interaction forms -ritual, repartee, argument, and self disclosure- and involvement depth, as well as the channel people rely upon (Dean Barlund) behaviors gesticulation, philia contact, speech and kinetic rhythm, and listening behavior- (Erickson) interruptions, pauses, laughter, inducive and deductive statements, and types of question ( E. S Johnson).However, in this discussion, there are three variables suggested as a core to explore communication style (1) orientation to interaction, (2) code preference, and (3) interaction format. These are not to be understand as stereotype descriptions of all members of any cultural group hardly earlier as stylistic preferences of the cultural group as a whole. Communication style orientations are anchored in cultural standards but allow for individual movement depending upon the bureau and cultural constraints.

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Best Buy Case Study Essay

After acquiring a stake in Five Star, a retailer of appliances and electronics in chinaw ar, lift out purchases VP John Noble is responsible for(p) for launching a bivalent stigma strategy to china as he did in Canada back in 2002. The course of study was to open three stores in less(prenominal) than two years in China while Five Star was be after on opening 25 sp ar stores. Entering China would prove to be lots more difficult than near Canada as a coun emphasise with 1. 3 billion consumers which is a lot of battalion to please.China was chosen as the due south international expansion food market gener completelyy due to the everywhereall market opportunity, consumer basics and macro-economic factors (Ivey, 2006). In addition to the Chinese world very frugal, on that point was as well as the spot of the concept of recognise, or lack there of in China. About four per centum of households in China used credit cards, compared to 75 percent in the coupled States ( Ivey, 2006). outmatch barter for quickly agnize that mark in China was non what actually attracted the consumers (Ivey, 2006). outdo Buy Inc Best Buy had been interested in enter China since the 1990s.By that time, China had been hosting galore(postnominal) of the coupled States and Europe as farthest as contrastive manufacturing products. The option of dual defacementing was what Best Buy was thought process in order to essentially unification stuffs with Chinas retailer of electronics and appliances, Five Star. By approach together, Best Buy in United States thought that the two companies would be flush stronger as matchless. This sort of dual pock scarpered very well in Canada and presumably would have the same winner in China. Competitors Some of the briny(prenominal) adversarys of Best Buy are Wal-mart and Costco.The competitors were constantly increasing their CE retail market and in grumpy they increased the products that were less complex hence easi er to sell. Internet shopping and distributors such as Amazon or sites identical that are another example of a competitor in the CE market. Also, home service stores such as Home destination and Lowes were also venturing into un inhabitn ground which was challenger for Best Buy. Lines were blurring as retailers of all kinds were widening their product assortments in rocking horse of revenues and margins (Ivey, 2006). Dual stigmatization in Canada visualisemed like logical step in that Best Buy and Canadas in store(predicate) Shop, the main CE retailer there could colligation together and become stronger with all of the competition coming about (Ivey, 2006). Dual brand Canada Canada was paid $363. 95 million dollars to buzz off upcoming Shop. Among several reason why the dual branding took place, the number one reason and most important was that Future Shop was an established brand with over 95 percent unaided brand awareness among Canadians (Ivey, 2006). Though dual br anding seemed like a great appraisal there were also some downsides.Cannibalization was the main problem of course due to the products of Future Store eating the loots of Best Buy and vice versa. on that point was also the immanent issue that the consumer would not know which brand was which. Despite these issues, by the starting year of operations the dual branding strategy seemed to be working and cannibalization seemed minimal. It seemed yet natural to give it a try in China (Ivey, 2006). Dual branding China China was chosen as the second international expansion market primarily due to the overall market opportunity, consumer fundamentals and macro-economic factors (Ivey, 2006).However the Chinese consumer was different than that of the United States or Canada. Also, consumers were not really concerned with branding as much as they were messages relating to functional features. Therefore, the preference of brand did not really translate into revenue. There was also the issu e of land encyclopaedism as there were often delays which would force a store to take up to 6 months to even open its doors. The Chinese also preferred to deal with good deal they knew and had previous relationships with so pricing had to be up to par due to the consumer not providing much slack for it.With all of these problems, a dual branding in China did not seem as circular-knit as it was in Canada (Ivey, 2006). Conclusion It is graspable why Best Buy would expect to go global to maximize its profit and consumer base all over. Though things seemed to work out in Canada, it would prove to be a much tougher hill to develop in China just found off the consumers alone and the modality things are done there and simply the way of life. It will be interesting to see if the places like Turkey and Mexico, other effectiveness targets will have the same success rate as Canada, and not gibe Chinas issues.

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good motive and determine Introduction Values are the rules by which we make decisions closely respectable and wrong, should and shouldnt, good and faulty. They also classify us which are more or less important, which is useful when we give to raft off meeting one none value oer a nonher. Ethics tend to be codified into a coordinateal musical arrangement or set of rules which are explicitly adopted by a pigeonholing of people. Ethics, are how we actu on the wholey do birth in the face of difficult situations that try out our moral fiber. It has been utter that determine, morals and morals are inextricably tied to sop upher.Ethics and value deeply integrated in Mahabharata/Vidur Niti Mahabharata is considered as an encyclopedia of reference for hu reality life. It is said to contain all that a valet should know to fightds achieving the four benevolent goals, Dharma (righteousness), Artha (human effort to wards material pursuits), Kama (desire) and Moksha (salvati on). The Mahabharata is called the fifth Veda as it contains the core group of the four Vedas. This encompasses a whole hazard of knowledge in it, wish well Vidura Neeti, Srimad Bhagwadgita and so on re a part of this record book completely. Vidur Niti by Mahatama Vidur is one of the prominent Niti Sastras containing estimable values, having relevance even for instantly. Once Dritarastra,who was having a sleepless night, called Vidur to seek the way for solace.The treatment which Vidur delivered during that time and subsequently, in continuation, is even today known as Vidur Niti. It contains non only the fundamental principles and deep knowledge of politics, just now also deals greatly about ethics and values, i. e. ow should an administrator run his government expeditiously by following the DHARMA and not resorting to unsporting means which are not in the benefit of the stakeholders. In todays modern management when ethical theory and importance of recognizing the eth ical dimensions is talked about, Mahabharat produces excellent analogies to spot the ethical boundaries. Rules of ethical conduct, dharmayuddha, for the war were framed by the supreme commanders of all(prenominal) side. Vidura ex homelys codes of conduct and how one should act in different situations. His teachings are aimed at kings, quotidian citizens as well as at ascetics.Brief summary/story of Mahabharata enlightened with Ethics and Values Vidura respected his elder brother Dhrtrastra , and all along he assay to guide him on the right path. During the fratricidal war of Kuruksetra, Vidura repeatedly implored his elder brother Dhrtrastra to do justice to the sons of Pandu, simply his son Duryodhana did not corresponding much(prenominal) interference by his uncle Vidur, and rather practically insulted Vidura. Vidura was rattling prudent, wise, polite, ghostlike, well- unnatural and devoted to the Lord Krishna. As a minister to Dhrtarastra, he employ to install him g ood advice.When Duryodhana was born, Vidur had cautioned him that his child would be the bewilder of the Kauravas destruction, but due to the attachment for his child, Dhritarashtra did not pay heed to his advice and as a issue suffered a lot all along his life just because of Duryodhana. Because of Duryodhanas atrocities, Mahatma Vidur certain sympathy for the Pandavas and he helped them and protected them instanter or indirectly. He knew that despite each(prenominal) crisis, the Pandavas would win the contest eventually. They were blessed with a long life and hence no one could kill them.Kunti was convinced of Vidurs nomenclature as she knew that he was a man of truth. Vidur had also cautioned Yudhishtir of the imminent danger that was lurking in Barnavata and also told him the way to escape the danger. It was Vidur who had plan the digging of a tunnel from Lakshagriha to the brim of the Ganges and had arranged for the boat to out on the river and finally cross it. Thus , acting prudently, Vidur saved the lives of the Pandavas. Vidur did not discriminate in his affection for the Pandavas and the Kauravas and he used to ease off them good advice as well. hardly Duryodhana never want his advice. Even then, Vidur time-tested his level beaver to put Dritarastra on the right track. notwithstanding under the influence of his sons, Dritarastra never followed Vidurs advice, although anticipate him to be his well -wisher, he ever so sought his advice. Following Shakunis advice, Duryodhana informed the aim of inviting the Pandavas over a game of cube. Vidur cautioned Dritarastra that such a game would only maturation the enmity between the two sides, as the game of dice was inauspicious for some(prenominal) the sides.Praising Vidur, Dritarastra then persuaded Duryodhana to give up the plan. But Duryodhana was determined to humiliate the Pandavas, hence he make Dritarastra accept his plan. Ultimately, it was Vidur who went to Indraprastha with the proposal of the game. Yudhishtir besides did not like the game of dice but to honour his uncles desire, he accepted the proposal. Even when the game was being played, Vidur try to convince Dritarastra that he still had comely of time to come near and look out on his submissive stance for Duryodhana and save his kin and not to make the Pandavas their enemy.Again after the Pandavas had left over(p) for exile, Dritarastra was worried as to how to convince the subjects and how to interest the Pandavas to return. Vidur then said O King, Artha, Dharma and Kama (wealth, religion and pleasure) are received through Dharma only. Dharma is the tie-up of the state. Hence, you should protect yourself and the Pandavas. Your sons have snatched everything from the Pandavas. It is against the Dharma. Hence, you should first get Duryodhana arrested and hand over the kingdom to Yudhishtir. Yudhishtir has no envy or jealousy, hence he go away rule the kingdom religiously.Ask Dushasana to r equest for pardon from Draupadi and Bheema in the court. Doing these things, you will be free from your worries. But Dritarastra did not like this advice and he told Vidur as to how he could give up his sons just for the Pandavas sake,and order Vidur to leave. Anticipating the imminent fall of the Kauravas, Vidur maundered Kamyaka Vana to meet the Pandavas and told them a few things for their benefit. Dritarastra having come to know of Vidurs visit to the Pandavas began to suspect that with the help of Vidur, the Pandavas would become stronger.So, he called Vidur back and begged him for pardon. At that Vidur told Dritarastra that he did not differentiate between the Kauravas and the Pandavas but beholding the Pandavas in such a slimy condition, it was but natural to help them, in any case, he did not have any partiality for the Kauravas. Vidura was also very loyal to Lord Krishna. When Krishna came to Hastinapur with the peace proposal, he preferred to stay with Vidur relishing the plain food offered by him in blood line to the royal meal, which was being served at the palace.It is then easy to guess the intense bop of Lord Krishna for Vidur. Next day when Duryodhana tried to tie Krishna in the palace, Vidur cautioned him and told him that Shri Krishna is the Lord Himself and any kind of disrespect for him would destroy him like a flame destroys a moth. thereafter the Lord appeared in his cosmic form and seeing which all except Vidur, Bheeshma, Sanjay and Drona shut their eyes. afterward the battle was over, Vidur consoled Dritarastra that whoever died in the battle had attained salvation, hence one should not deplore for them.Every time a human is born, he makes new relations but after his death these relations give out like a castle made out of sand Hence, it is useless to mourn for the dead relatives. Events like comforts and miseries, crisis and part and misfortune etc. is due to the result of ones own good or bad deeds. Every living being has to presume the fruits of his deeds. Thereafter Vidur preached the ways of observing the right conduct and how to be rid of the miseries. After the coronation of Yudhishtir, Dritarastra came to stay with him.Vidur also stayed with him and used to be engaged in religious discussions. Eventually, he accompanied Dritarastra, Gandhari and Kunti in their penance. closing From above epic/story/discussion, it will be observed that many gems of ethical values are contained in the Vidura Niti and in the Mahabharata as whole, which is still relevant in the modern times, when the degradation of ethical values has become rampant all around the world. Let us ponder over some of them to be more wise, prudent, and prospering in the ultimate reckoning.