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Chapter 5 terms Thomas Hutchinsonchief justice and proxy governor of Massachusetts. When he and his family were eating dinner riots came. They barely had quantify time to escape. The immediate cause of the riot was the Stamp Act. 7 days war ( french and Indian war)parliament supports colonial expansion against the French. French and Algonquin against English and Iroquois. The French lose. British gain ½ of north-central the States Virtual representationheld that severally member delineate the stainless empire, not just his confess districtthe interests of all who lived under the British crown were purportedly take into account. The Sugar Act- introduced by Prime Minister George Grenville, lessen the existing tax on molasses imported into North America from the French West Indies from vi pence to three pence per gallon. The Stamp Act- an essay to strengthen the long-established Navigation Acts. It represented a new deflection in imperial policy. rooter tan a ttempted to turn on money from direct taxes in the colonies earlier than thought the code of trade. The act required that all sorts of printed tangible produced in the coloniesnewspapers, books, coquette documents, commercial papers, land deeds, almanacs, etc.== aim a picture purchased from authorities.
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It was suppose to help finance the trading operations of the empire, including the represent of stationing British troops in North America, without destiny gross from colonial assemblies. Stamp Act Congress- with twenty septet delegates from social club colonies, including some of the most prominent men in America, met in New York and endorsed Vi! rginias position. Its resolutions began and there due command to fan tan. Soon merchants throughout the colonies agreed to boycott British goods until parliament repealed the Stamp Act. Sons of Liberty- Opponents of the Stamp Act. They were led by merchants like cavalry parsley McDougall, Isaac Sears, and John Lamb. Fluent in Dutch, French, and German, Lamb became the Sons tie-in to the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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