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Future Indian Sports Manager Essay

India is in the forefront in very sportsman corresponding(p) activities despite having such a enormous raw pool of talent which if groomed correctly can catapult the verdant in the external arna as one of the top sport nations. Sports has been my first and initiative passion from as far as I can remember. An alive(p) rack uptitioningicipant of every single sporting activity in check and my local clubs my consummate life revolved around sports from my childhood. he adrenaline rush that comes with playingsportsis something that I cant put into spoken languageDue to financial pressure I could non initi wholey shit up sports as a charge option simply by and by 6 historic period of employmenting in the corporate innovation I submit now realised that my life s work revolves around sports and disposed(p) the opportunity I would want to live my life in the sports world. observing the growing importance of managing sports aggroups and activities professionally, and s eeing the emergence of specialised courses, I would like to work towards changing and growing sports from the grass roots level in my country, India.The prevalence of politics, red tapism and miss of promotion of talented athletic supporters has to a greater extent(prenominal) or less depleted and killed the motivation of such supporters in our country. Having been a part of the entire body myself and despite having being selected in the facts of life battalion for the state hoops team and having being told by my manager that I had tremendous potential but on that point was no motivation to betroth this as a travel option as it offered absolutely no stability.Every year I see extremely talented athletes expiration their passions behind and moving onto make their career in other fields. throughout the country a wide alteration of sports are played. India is home to some(prenominal) traditional sports which originated in the country and continue to re chief(prenominal) fairly popular. These imply kabbadi, kho kho, wrestling and archery. The British rule brought many popular sports in India including football, rugger union, play, golf, tennis, squash, hockey, boxing, nooker and billiards. The country which has produced the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, P. T. Usha among thousands of other great athletes has not even scratched the surface. The talent is there for all to see but to a dysfunctional and itched formation it fails to promote the same to excel in the international arena. To put in perspective these problems are not only faced in India but in many more countries.Some of the major issues which are considered to be the biggest problems facing a country can be discussed under the undermentioned points Management The problems in focal point are the single most ruinous force which chequers that the facilities being provided for promoting raw talents neer reach. In most ontogeny countries especially in India t he key posts in management are envy posts and are held by politicians or their close associated.The result of this is that the leaders of the sports management in these countries are mostly people who are a) without any pick up whatsoever in sports, b) are required to work only till such time that their elected political party is in advocator so they build no excogitations which can be executed over a five year visualise, c) are mostly politicians who are more interested in gaining political mileage out of the entire paw and most importantly d) Are mostly the biggest perpetrators when it comes to corruption ensuring funds in reality meant for the athletes are diverted to their own pockets by using different channels.For cause the Commonwealth Games 2010 which was hosted by Delhi, India came under a lot of scrutiny for the corrupt means used by the organizerswho pocketed funds that had been generated for the athletes. It was a disgrace for the entire nation that an event of such magnitude was no more than a mere money making scheme for a few individuals. In fact, the Head of the Commonwealth games in India Suresh Kalmadi has overly been arrested for the same.The prevalence of such a system ensure there is no long term plan for developing the system from a grass root level and ensuring the plan is constantly evolving and growing in a haughty direction preferably than being switch overd at the whims and strike outcies of a politician. Involvement of trained sports managers can change the entire ball game and ensure a much more planned and structural growth for athletes from the grass root level. Most other problems derive their origin from that of management but are long stand up problems with ramifications of their own.Some of the more significant problems which drop knock-down(prenominal) ramifications of their own are Grass RootsThe biggest standoffback for a lot of sporting activities is a lack of a planned and sustainable program to develo p athletes at the basic level. There is an urgent postulate to involve professional sports managers who understand the need for the same and are put in charge of the systems which govern the same. Promoting and training promising athletes will lead to emergence of new stars that would have previously gone undiscovered.Developmental With sports emerging as a frontrunner in muster spectators across the world the need today in every country is to promote a variety of sports by professional methods, by box and presenting the USP of each sport to draw in a larger fan base. Although hockey is the national sport of the country, despite the country having such a vast raw pool of talent in different sporting genres, mainly cricket holds the limelight across the world. The IPL (Indian Premiere League) overshadows most of the other sporting events due to its glamour quotient as well as the huge sum of money involved.The lack of attention given to other sports in India besides cricket is very disheartening for young sportsmen . Packaged and managed to ensure maximum response will ensure many more varieties of sports draw in the same arrive of attention and revive athletes interests in hobby the same as a career option. Disciplinary Due to a weak management system coaches and managers use banned substances to train their wards. two-year-old athletes not supervised correctly are most vulnerable to the same. decline during growth is an extremely important aspect of a super athlete and forms the backbone during his growing demonstrates and becomes even more important once the athlete achieves milestones. Economics of scale has become a focal point of intervention in sports today. Inequality in finances due to sponsorships and also establishment preferences has proved detrimental to non cash rich sports in all countries. prime(prenominal) training and excellent facilities in some sports has led them to create a huge unbalance in most countries.Not only limit to a single country but due to the emergence of imbalance among different leagues across various countries has led to a decline in the fan base where finances are not adequate and whitethorn ultimately lead to a demise of the sport in that detail In conclusion it may be said that a strong management system ensures strong development of policies which enable a positive and sustainable growth system. Sports are an important segment of our country and also it is a prestige issue.In todays world cricket assumes primary importance in the minds of the audience and the government has also by no means played a small part in ensuring the same. As a result other sports have suffered tremendously in the country My experience of sports in the state and national arena was qualified to Basketball wherein I had played for the university team and was selected for the state selection camp. sight the rampant politics and prevalence of corruption I was highly demotivated. mournful on to a high paying job seemed to be the only motivation for me to leave sports and I followed that for 6 years, but my passion for sports never died.I have been strongly associated with basketball as a coach for my higher secondary school, as a player for my club and have also promoted basketball in my company wherein I have form a team of my peers and have participated and won a number of tournaments. My main motivation for applying for the sports management course is a) to develop a strong judgement of managing sports organisations and athletes b) Understand and work with professional international organisations c) To learn modern technology and its applications in sports today ) To apply all my acquired knowledge in sports today in India e) Develop by working closely with the athletes a system of generating a higher number of quality athletes in a variety of fields Initially I would wish to work with national Womens sporting teams wherein there would be a requirement for me while at the same tim e process my state Womans basketball association with whom I have been closely associated for the last 15 years develop a program to develop young athletes and initially work towards promoting the sport in the national stage and eventually the international stage.My eventual goal would be to bring womens sports as close to par to mens sports to guarantee young athletes a promising career in sports and ensure no raw talent gets dissuaded from following sports as a career as I did along with my entire team members. In terms of finance I would have sufficient amount to support myself in terms of accommodation and other living be but would require financial support from the college by means of a scholarship or assistantship for the education fees.As in India the salaries are not very high in terms of international standards what I have saved would cover as said before the living cost but for the program fees I would need some sort of help in the form of a scholarship. I have spent all my life involved in sports in some way or the other and despite having a natural talent and passion for the same have not been able to follow it as a career option in my life.Today the face of sports especially in India is changing and I am right now in a stage in my career where with all the experience gained in the corporate world coupled with my passion for sports I can contribute in this field. For this I need to be further exposed to the knowledge and experience which your set up offers. I dream to make a change in the industriousness in my country and this is the main motive behind me applying for the degree which has already enabled many individuals to achieve their goals.

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