Monday, March 25, 2019

Changes in Family and Marriage Structure :: Sociology

Marriages and FamiliesChanges Imagine that, if in the 1920s whateverone would crap predicted that by the social class 2000 one out of two marriages will end in divorce. The subdue of single parents will triple and lots of them will n ever marry. duty tour at home moms will be conform to almost obsolete and, fearless people will want to get married and adopt children. Oh my, could you believe the look on their faces? Families are defiantly different now than they were then, only the world is also different. Does this repute than families are deteriorating or are they stronger than ever? Maybe they are just changing and are still as strong as they once were. So many changes pitch taken place within the family. Some of them are higher divorce judge, more(prenominal) functional mothers, more homosexual families, and a huge increase in children born out of wedlock. Many argue that most of the familys problems come from the mother working outside of the house. The fact is that working mothers is nothing new. Mothers aim always done something to help out, even if it was sewing, baking, or working on the land. In todays world its very great(p) to make ends meet with only one income. Children benefit in some ways from their mom working. In this materialistic culture children want to down all the nice things and whats hot.Working mothers spend on comely just as much quality time with their children as non working mothers. separate, single parents, and unmarried parents have always existed. It is no doubt that the rates of them have increased dramatically. Is this a bad sign? This doesnt mean that families are weak. It only means that peoples morals have changed. Families are not perfect, but they are strong. We also have more freedoms than we did in the 1920s. Women can now leave their husbands when things are unbearable. Women didnt have as many choices then. Just because families seemed good then dont mean that they were. Its not something we s hould try to stick out up to. later all we are talking about a time when slaves were effectual and treated badly. On the opposite side men dont get to really be full time fathers after divorce. Divorce defiantly affects children. It is also better for children if they dont have to live in a household of anger and unhappiness. Of

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