Monday, July 29, 2019

Personal philosophy of leadership Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Personal philosophy of leadership - Term Paper Example I am also committed to foster an environment that nurtures positive communication, collaboration and respect among all participants including my peers, families, and healthcare team as a whole. My desire is to give cultural sensitive care services with the understanding that every individual has his or her own worldviews. Excellence: This is the act of generating and executing transformative strategies with bold inspiration. Caring: I understand caring as promotion of hope, healing, and health to an ailing person and their families. There was a time I was put under care of an old man who was suffering diabetes. On one of my daily visits to his hospital room, I found him kissing a younger person than him. I was somehow disturbed, but I remembered my core value in diversity as a nurse leader. I respected his differences, tried not to be discriminative, and cared for him for the common good. I experienced negative leadership when one of my former clients called me and told me that her h usband had an accident. On behalf of the hospital, I sent some flowers to console her. On realizing that I had made a decision of sending flowers to her, the chief executive nurse was furious because I had not consulted him. He was one person who did not allow subordinates to make decisions. 2. In my definition, leadership involves helping other people achieve their potential, being inspirational, and being an advocate for positive change. This is attained through effective and innovative practices.

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