Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Developing an Implementation Plan Research Paper

Developing an Implementation Plan - Research Paper Example Gaining Approval from Organizational Leaders So as to have a sound start to the problem analysis, the entire organization is to be working en masse aiming at elimination of the roots of the problem. Hence, for effectiveness of such a huge step, the Managing directors of the hospital are to be addressed through paper draft of the problem followed by detailed meetings that present the need to address this problem on humane level, and gaining their approval to make initiative for the change. Current Problem- A Comprehensive Insight A group of related concepts that are used to propose action that guide practice in any field including nursing is referred as a theory. A practical theory that can be applied in this concept is the Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring. This theory is based on four main concepts which are identification of human beings, health, environment /society and nursing (Daniels, 2004). According to this theory the main concern of nursing is the promotion of health, pr evention of illness, caring for the sick and restoration of health to the patients regardless of their status in the society. As such even inmates are entitled to such a treatment as envisaged in this theory. The rationale for choosing this theory is based on the order of needs by Watson into biophysical needs, psychophysical needs and psychosocial needs even among prisoners. According to Kim & Kollak (2006) the Watson’s theory of caring strives to depict, predict and explain nursing phenomenon based on relativity in providing appropriate care to patients. The foundations of nursing practice are provided by this theory through the recognition of the need rankings. This is in regard to the health care quality available for inmates while in incarceration. This shows the endeavour by the nurses to maintain professional borders and thereby enhance the quality and standards of health care to inmates. A good example is the requirement by the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (AN CC) for all nurse managers and leaders in facilities seeking accreditation have at the very least, a baccalaureate degree (ACCN, 2013). Endorsement of good health among prisoner population as for the general population is the prime objective of nursing. Perry J, et al., reported that prisoners have greater health needs owing to higher incidence of chronic disease. Generally, a prisoner possesses a vulnerable mindset due to myriad possible reasons such as unemployment, family disputes and abuse (physical, mental or sexual). The Offender Health and Social Care Strategy (DH2009a) set standards for offender health care stating that prisoners along with their families shall receive effective care and treatment equivalent to the general public. (Powell et al., 2010) comprehensively reviewed the dilemma of the prisoners from the eyes of the nursing staff. Various aspects were discussed and conclusions drawn from the results of the survey are that that a stable association between healthcar e managers and local National Health Service is required. The infrastructure of prisons and their security measures need strong collaboration with health care unit. (Powell, 2010) On the other hand, the education of the nurses has a very high impact on patient health and safety and is a major determining factor of nurse’s attitudes and actions. (Altmann et al., 2012) recently surveyed on the aforementioned line and found that nurse’

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