Friday, September 13, 2019

Explain how to study a new language Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Explain how to study a new language - Essay Example most applicable to learning foreign language in consideration that this paper looks at how it can be influenced by psychological factors include the use of Mnemonics to link words or the use of ‘town language’ or the roman room system. To begin, the use of linking technique is widely used by many fast learners. It is applicable when the learner is able to associate images or events in the native language and use it as a reference for another word in the new language. In this way, remembering the word may be easy since it will only be linked with a certain image. The second technique, on the other hand, involves the association of the words with everyday things or images that the learner interacts with often. In effect, the learner is able to use his or her surrounding environment to develop his study by assigning names of certain words in the foreign language to such objects, places or experiences. Consequently, for the mentioned techniques to be effective, the learner m ust identify common words. After the identification of the language of interest, it is important to identify the common words that are used in everyday conversation. These words will act as a checklist for application during speaking. As a result, it is important that the leaner identifies the most appropriate materials and tools for learning. In cases where the leaner is in a country where that language is not often used, it is even important to use a tutor who may have experience and therefore guide the learner mostly in identifying and using common words. It is equally important to appreciate the culture of the natives of the new language to be studied. Language and culture are inseparable and therefore it is important to appreciate the cultural background of the new language of interest. Culture is connected with the pronunciation, non verbal as well as other verbal components of speech. In addition, it is through working with the natives of the language that one gets to understand how

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