Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Gabriels Epiphany in James Joyces The Dead

Gabriels Epiphany in James Joyces The Dead Lee A. ZitoIn James Joyce's "The Dead," through an epiphany the main character, Gabriel, realizes the true relationship between him and his wife, Gretta. The epiphany Gabriel experiences is the direct effect of his wife's confession to having a love before she met him. Not just a love, but a true love named Michael Furey. Before Gabriel had heard this story he continuously looks at his wife thinking about how much he loves her and how much he wishes they could only feel the excitement of their relationship. His emotions and feelings are shattered when he hears Gretta's story of Michael Furey.At first he feels anger toward her. Anger at the fact that he was not her first love. He is also humiliated to feel as he did before, foolishly in love, when it was quite clear their relationship was not what he thought it was.090923-Gretta-Woodside-JN01

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