Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Dietary Guidelines Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Dietary Guidelines - Assignment ExampleA fit remains and a healthy diet are the building blocks of a healthy life. If the body is healthy, its direct tinge is positive on your mind .Also our body deserves the best timely nourishment in order to require optimum output. Keeping a track of your fitness level helps you to understand your physical requirements and lead a healthy life.I am a 24 years old male living in an apartment all by myself. I have to ready my own food but dont cook on a regular basis due to my lifestyle and mostly eat out. I execute lawn tennis (State Player) and train with ATP professionals .I exercise in a Gym all by myself as I dont have any personal fitness trainer. My more focus while exercising is on the upper body and therefore my lower body is weaker than the upper body. Whenever I do weights the lactic savage produced in the muscles decreases the tractableness of body muscles. I spend 3 days a week for Tennis and Gym and occasionally enjoy swimming. I mostly drive and walking habit is almost paltry in my lifestyle.The above results show my sporting endeavor. I am of standard height and my BMI is normal. My Waist to coxa Ratio indicates that my body shape is in proportion to the body weight. My skin folds (percentage of Body fat) are somewhat high as compared to normal (higher than 14% in men). My body has a high capacity to maneuver oxygen to muscles for utilization and generation of energy as proven by VO2 Max test. My Sit and buy the farm Flexibility test gives a good score (Paul Roetert, Todd S. Ellen Becker, Page 19) my muscular resolution is good as proven by Push Up and Sit Up tests. The strength of my forearms is good and I am right handed person as the test results for right hand were higher than the left. My shoulder flexibility has a high variance when compared between right and left. Right arm shoulder flexibility is fine wherein the flexibility for Left Shoulder is below average. My Shoulder concentrate indi cates low shoulder muscle endurance unlike Bicep curl which is indeed a good weight. In my speed test, timing was good in 10m sprint (burnt 1174.5 calories) while I didnt score well in 20m sprint (2350 calories burnt).505 Agility test indicates that my mogul to change directions when required while running was not good at all. The result for Bench Press Test calculated in Per Body Weight (1.3414) was good. The evaluation of my lower body strength i.e. stage Press was Poor.24 hours Diet RecallDietary Assessment NutrientMy

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