Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Different Conflict Handling Styles in Management Essay

Different Conflict Handling Styles in Management - Essay Example Organizations use a variety of methods/style to handle workplace conflicts. However, five widely used conflict management styles include forcing, accommodating, avoiding, compromising, and collaborating. Let us discuss each of them in detail in order to get an understanding of the way organizations can use them to manage conflicts. Forcing is one of the main conflict management approaches. However, an observable fact is that employees and managers in organizations usually use this approach as the last choice when they are left with no other choice for reaching a resolution. If we talk about managers, we can say that they often use this approach to show power and authority. Even though this approach helps managers and employees in reaching an immediate resolution, but such resolutions put an unpleasant impact on the relationship that exists between people involved in a conflict. Accommodating is another approach towards conflict management in which one conflicting party listens and va lues the concerns of the other party involved in the conflict. Even though this approach is helpful in managing conflicts, but it also brings with it some negative points or consequences. For example, a conflicting party can ask for more favors and can put unlawful demands in front of the party showing accommodating approach for conflict resolution. Avoiding is another conflict management approach in which people avoid issues because of predicted negative consequences of getting involved in the issue.

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