Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Flat World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Flat World - Essay Example The large video conferencing equipment as an indication of technological advances has in fact made the world move in the same direction as if under one time zone indicating further that the world is flat. However, the context of the levelled playing field in the context of business could have meant that the most progressive countries do not have the monopoly of all knowledge based business. Intelligence or knowledge is not exclusively spawned in progressive countries they are also present at some level in other countries. Even in the most adverse condition brilliance tends to shine and even outshines the brilliance emanating from progressive countries (Darling-Hammond, 2010). A company with little or limited capital is on the same playing field as those with tens of millions in their advertising and promotional marketing budgets and more in their pockets. A company with several hundred engineers in their talent pool can easily be eased out from a government contract by a company with only one brilliant engineer with the right invention (Ferrell, Hirt, & Ferrell, 2010). The internet has made all of these possible. Competition is not all about money now or who has the right connection or even the number of employees or buildings or even offices all over the world (Done, 2011). Talent and knowledge have become universal and within easy reach. Communicating directly with the talent with the knowledge has lessened the cost of its acquisition. All of these things considered the world have been made flat (Eve, 2011). Telecommunication The article mentioned the enormous investment poured into creating the infrastructure to support the colossal telecommunication system that is the foundation of the internet. Over the past several decades strides have been made to make everybody connected not just locally but internationally as well. This is evidenced not in audio transmissions alone but also in video transmissions as well. The number of companies or the syndication of t he capital needed to create the infrastructure did not simply come from one company in one particular country. Each country wanting to be part or connected to the internet highway have contributed their resources or that of the proponent companies in that country. These efforts have made the telecommunication industry borderless another indication of a flat world. It should be mentioned that being connected into the internet highway could open opportunities for the country no matter how small or how poor the country is (Crombie, 1976). Telecommunication is the great equalizer, the greater the bandwidth and the wider the reach of telecommunication infrastructure in every country all over the world the cheaper it gets. The fastest way to get in touch with clients is through the telephone. Clients who do not have the time and only function on the basis of trust and goods delivered to establish credibility will more and more dominate the international business climate. Since not all com panies or business owners have the budget or even the resources to conduct face to face business transactions thus the changing business landscape also reacts and adapts to the technological advances being made commercially available (Qiang & Pitt, 2003). Technology have made it possible for regular analogue phone, cable television or video frequency, radio or audio frequency, data transmission and even power or

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